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The Purple Ajah

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Hey everyone,


I have been into WoT for some 4 years now, and I'm likely one of the newer fans on here. I am still very interested in story-based RP, and I'm glad to find somewhere to participate in it!


There are a few ideas I have for a character to start out with. I am pretty interested in Aes Sedai (naturally), so here's a couple of ideas I've drafted for potential characters.

  • A rather complicated character. She would have a Borderlander father and a mother with a storied past (once a Tinker who joined the White Tower and was put out and joined the Kin, unexpectedly having a daughter). She would come to the Tower with a Block, and would be unusually proficient in earth and fire for a saidar channeler. When raised to the shawl, she would either choose the Blue or the Green, and would be a rather unorthodox Aes Sedai (a little like Cadsuane, but not as extreme!) Somewhat on the older side of Aes Sedai by the main story, over 200.
  • Honestly, this character's mother interests me too... can you have characters related to each other?
  • The more simple option of a bookish Domani girl from a well-to-do merchant family that is sent off to the White Tower for political reasons, and is weaker than average in the One Power for an Aes Sedai. She would eventually choose the Brown Ajah, and would be on the younger side (less than 100) by the time of the main story.

I also have many other ideas, like an Aiel algai'd'siswai or Wise One, an Asha'man, Aes Sedai of other Ajahs, Darkfriends, Wolfkin, Seanchan, Sea Folk... basically, I'm glad there are 20 possible character slots!

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Welcome! Those all sound so interesting for characters and loads of fun to play. 

personally, I agree with Taymist about the best option being to start with the simplest character. It will be easiest for you to get on to the complex system for the in character and out of character requirements. 

if you want to pm me we can discuss the practical stuff in more detail there. 

Fyi, yes we do have systems in place to be able to make characters from every group/culture found in the books, but it’s recommended them that you start with one or two until you get your feet under you. 

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