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Easter Event - Easter Egg Hunt

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Awright, all you Easter Beasters, time for...


Easter Egg Hunt




Throughout the White Tower, I've hidden SEVEN precious Easter Eggs. 





Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find each one. First one with the link gets to keep the eggscellent goodies.





I'll provide clues to their locations, adding more each day for those particularly well-hidden orbs of golden delight. 





#1: egg.JPG.cefbd477caecc08eae4b01fcc688e834.JPG


Clue #1. For some reason, Warders seem to suffer from amnesia. 

Clue #2. Am I having an identity crisis? Why so many questions?

FOUND by @Cross in the Warder's "Who am I?" thread.





#2: egg1.JPG.7f0f85872319277bf6ac366a39a60b22.JPG

Clue #1. A special day in the life of a Green. One would think there was a marriage proposal about to take place...

Clue #2. Do 'bonding' and 'bondage' have the same root word? 

Clue #3. One never knows what unexpected ceremony will take place in the Warder Training Grounds. 

FOUND by @Cross in an Encounter in the Training Grounds.





#3: egg2.JPG.abf2666a77906a014a3dd4949bfea793.JPG


Don't get too lost hunting down this one. Escape might be Virtually impossible.

FOUND by @Cross in the Cuen visit - Virtual Escape Room thread. 





#4: egg4.JPG.6cf50cbaeb4ab7a1ff678985256ac137.JPG


If you get too tired searching for this beauty, you might put your feet up with a good book.

FOUND by @Crossin the Brown Ajah Book Challenge 2021 Discussion thread





#5: egg6.JPG.5bbe3c0b20eadf85f62a5a1712a2e74f.JPG


Or you might be one of those who thinks the movie was better than the book. Discuss.

FOUND by @Ryrin in the 2021 White Ajah Movie Challenge.



#6: egg5.JPG.7d760b51ea2c85317885452061eb1cb0.JPG


I can Picture you turning Red from frustration finding this one...

FOUND by @Cross in the Red Pics thread.







Clue #1. Find this one, and everyone will be Green with envy. 

Clue #2. Cheer up! You're not a year older, you're a year closer to the grave!

Clue #3. Relax, Captain General. You don't look a day over 200. 

FOUND by @Cross in Ryrin's Happy Birthday thread.





Good luck, everyone. Annnnddd GO!


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You are three for three, m'lady. Well done!







Anyone else? Cross apparently has a nose for this sort of thing. 



@Cross, I'm not saying your nose is egg-shaped. I only meant you are good at finding stuff. Seriously. 

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