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MoL Event- Aes Sedai vs. Warders

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Let's see who's luckier, Aes Sedai or Warders. 


here's how it works, i've got a deck of cards, shuffled and ready to cut. high card wins. what we need is a warder to step up, and an aes sedai (dont need to be raised, just have declared your path) once i have a pair, we'll go head to head keeping a running tally we'll see just who is luckier. aes sedai or warders 


(yes, no  weaving allowed) 


who's up? 


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Aes Sedai:                                 Warders:

      5                                                7

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alrighty first mash-up @Arie vs. @Azshaya


Arie pulls a 9 of hearts

azshaya pulls Ace of diamonds


one round for the warders! 



so since we currently only have one warder, Az do you want to go against the rest of the aes sedai until another warder steps up?

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hayl3y vs az


hayl3y got 4 of diamonds

az got jack of hearts. 



elgee vs starrisk!


elgee got 6 of hearts 

starrisk got 8 of spades. 




ryrin vs asha'man 


ryrin pulled 4 of hearts

asha'man got 8 of hearts. 



man it's not looking like aes sedai are very lucky

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