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WoT flirting contest

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This activity is all about WoT related flirting. Post some WoT related pick up lines, a sweet WoT thing to say to your partner, or really anything romantic concerning WoT. There will be two judges, @Hayl3y Sedai, and @StarRisk. They will choose the best one. The Code of Conduct should still be followed here, so nothing super dirty please. This event will last one week, so from March 9 2021 to March 16 2021. Only one admission per post please. Thanks!


Here's my attempt:

(1) Are you the Dragon Reborn? 'Cause I would follow you to Shayol Ghul any day.





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I. Am. Blushing! Love it, keep 'em coming. As a judge, I will refrain from tossing my two cents in...


BUT, i will remind ya'll of an oldie but a goodie 😉


Illuminator: "I want to light up your night."



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I realized without spoiler tags, all my other pick-up lines were NOT PG..... >.> And I can't think of too many tame ones. XD

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Hahaha sorry XD


Just wanted to know how to proceed 😂

I PMed Star with my fav quote and i'm waiting for his reply. Maybe he likes that one too 😇

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@Asha'man Shar'aman


We have a winner !!!!!! Star is a bit busy but we got the time to discuss and make a decision ....



* roll of drum *


As judges, we decided ...


that our winner ...


is ...












gg to our Yellow ambassador 😁 ❤️

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