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9 hours ago, Carebear Sedai said:

I'm still entirely unconvinced that the WoTSeries folk have the whole story rather than having made assumptions regarding the filming situation. They seem to have realized the crew had wrapped up, they were told the production would restart in April, and they just assumed the filming schedule couldn't have been altered so they announced a second Covid delay. When in reality, filming schedules get shifted around, with many location shoots perhaps axed for more VFX heavy in studio, which is what Carnival Row did due to the risks of Covid.

Agreed. And the reliance on scheduling announcements from the extras casting agency is similarly problematic. They could very easily have simply decided the scenes involving babies were unnecessary or better done for another season. 

Scenes get added, removed, reworked and changed all the time. One can divine very little from the mere fact that a call for extras was canceled. 

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On 2/2/2021 at 8:04 AM, Elder_Haman said:

The video is very interesting, but I think it comes to the wrong conclusion

This sums up most of Jon's videos 🙂 Great guy but his theories tend to be out there haha

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