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Genesis/Bereshit/WoT's point


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Hello everyone! I sort of skipped the intro in the forums, I hope that's okay, because I really just wanted to get right into the questions I came here for I've been in love with the wheel of time series, and this forum, and the 13th depository for years! Always been to afraid to share my WoT theories though.  I'm here to ask all of you for some help.  You see I've been absolutely smitten with Robert Joran and his series.  I'm thinking about starting a WoT channel on youtube because well, I keep finding super neat things in my studies that I really want to share.  . Being in front of people just isn't my thing however and so I'm very apprehensive and I'd like some feedback.


The focus would be on more of the occult/esoteric occurrences in the wheel of time. Actually the true inspiration comes from here: http://13depository.blogspot.com/2002/03/the-refining-principle-alchemical.html


After writing this I realized that maybe I'm leaping ahead in some of my conclusions and so the connections to these ideas isn't obvious.

Here's a few notes to begin with:


-'The Wheel of Time' is packed full of myths and esoteric knowledge, the above link describes his use of Alchemy in the series.

-Actually the word Asha'man confirms this to some degree. Asha'man-A Shaman. Someone who's able to interact with the spiritual realm and provide guidance to his village. Actually an important part of choosing a shaman is picking someone who we might today call schizophrenic, if they're able to "break" and put themselves together they can bring back the knowledge and come back. It's the same with the Asha'man and Rand. Accepting madness in order to defeat darkness and through it's defeat healing himself. "Physician heal thyself" as it were. It's really quite beautiful  ? Also, this might not be the case, could be coincidence but there's a ton of hebrew packed into this word. ASH=fire ASHA(h)= an offering made by fire (in order to recieve friendly relations from god)  ASHAM= a man guilty of an offence who must complete the sin offering ASHAMA=Wrong doing, guiltiness (think ashamed). There's a bunch more in there to, but you get the point. The alchemists are themselves the "tamers of creative fire" and if you think about it if The dark one is void and darkness, and the ashaman are the flames holding it back you have an allusion to the flame and the void. Essential for every "great work".

Also if vocalized differently ASHA can mean wife. So it again speaks of a union of two elements, masculine and feminine. Water (the darkness and void of creation which god hovered above) and fire which is how God appears to Moses in the burning bush.

-Robert Jordan himself admitted to being a freemason. They are certainly an occult fraternity.  RJ himself identifies himself with Loial, an ogier stone mason. The idea is sort of "And the stone the builders rejected shall become the corner stone".  Rand rejected the shadow, comes to realize it's purpose and then sets it back in it's proper place, as foundational to reality.  The Masons are essentially just hiding a method of self development. The stone they shape is themselves, the temple they build is an inner one. They  build a suitable residence for God to dwell.  Their motto is "we make good men better".



I'll give you one example of the... Iunno, parallels I'm drawing? Maybe they're real, maybe I'm going covid crazy. I accept the madness XD


"The wheel of time turns, and Ages come and pass. Leaving memories that become legend, then fade to myth, and are long forgot when that age comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Mountains of Dhoom. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning"


Does this second part remind anyone else of Genesis? 

Basically what happened was I began studying Hebrew last year and I came across a ton of connections to the wheel of time.

It all started with the word "Bereshit" which is translated as "In the beginning".  This is so hard to explain without visuals so bear with me and if you need clarification I can always try again!


Check out genesis one, in the original language.


The problem is that those two little dots under the first letter, called a beyt, signify that this not a definite noun. If it was it would be bareshit, not bereshit.  There is no bareshit in the bible however, doesn't exist! I apologize if any of you know Hebrew because I'm really over simplifying here. 

So here we have not "the beginning" but "a beginning" ?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_1:1#:~:text=Bereshit ( בְּרֵאשִׁית‎)%3A ",it used only of God.

This is a pretty quick explanation but the point is the 'the" is only implied, which makes sense in a linear fashion right. Things begin, then they end and that's it. Except Mr. Jordan is showing us a non linear "wheel of time".  ?

He actually has a valid biblical argument there! Btw, I'm not religious and I don't care to tell you what your bible says. I'm just having fun, you should to. 


If your interested in more on this word please read this https://www.rebjeff.com/blog/bereshit-in-the-beginning-of-what

I don't want to get to far into the weeds here but: If we only look are the first 3 words Then:

Bereshit Bara Elohim 

In (a) beginning Create (he, god) Gods


That second word Bara is a third person masculine form that is only used for God, hence my parenthesis. 


Elohim is actually a plural form of EL, it's simplified as god. Why? I don't know man, who cares lol we're talking about more important things here! 

https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Hebrew/Nouns#:~:text=Noun plural in Hebrew is,into ים ( yod-mem )  


Also I just left create because Hebrew doesn't have any past or future tense, it's supplied by vocalization (as either perfect and imperfect) or through context.  Hmmm more weird Hebrew timeyness ?


The grammar of Hebrew seems off but just say it like yoda would, I insist because its fun, and you'll get "In beginning create he gods, yes". Weird right?

-just tuck this aside in your head

Okay so we have some time parallels right. No big deal, whatever.  BUT along with the time weirdness, every beginning begins with wind. Why's that important?




This is an easy one to miss because it's translated as spirit here but Ruach also means breath.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruah#:~:text=Rûaħ or ruach%2C a Hebrew word meaning 'breath%2C spirit' 


(Actually the breathe and spirit have an association in many languages. )

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit#:~:text=6 Further reading-,Etymology,h2enh1-).


If I were to come and breathe on you that warmth you'd feel, that'd be my Ruach, my breath.  


But it also takes on another meaning in Kabballah 


  • "Ruach (רוח): the middle soul, the "spirit". It contains the moral virtues and the ability to distinguish between good and evil. (primary place: heart) “Knowing heart”— a heart that knows that whatever happens in the world comes from God.[4]"

 -Actually Rand's name fits here as well (Rand is a cobbler's term for seat of the soul! http://www.scottydog.com.au/fixtherand.php)


Ok now we have non linear time and the creative "wind" or spirit at the beginning of every book and it jives with Rand and some sort of moral reckoning. Neat right?


But what the hell was the book about??

Just a quick helicopter view: its our story, each one us.  The story of individuation, of being called to fight the shadow (in a Jungian sense) and realizing we just have to accept it, integrate it and get to living. But becoming the creator of our own lives. In a very broad way, right?


Remember right after he defeats Shai'tan (Satan! )  the creator remarks about the blessed light?

https://www.bibleref.com/Genesis/1/Genesis-1-4.html#:~:text=Genesis 1%3A4%2C KJV%3A,the light from the darkness."


ISNT IT NEAT that Light and dark are still one thing when god says that it is good AND THEN he separates them. Same happens with the Creator in the wheel of time. The Shadow is reintegrated into creation and THEN whole affair is blessed. 

-The Jungian idea is something like "Life requires the dynamism of a god" Who is both the good guy father and the dink who'll just up and punish Job if satan dares him to. 


"called the third age by some..." On the third day of creation god creates 'The Heavens and the Earth' ?

At the end of the wheel of time,  not just rand but I think the whole thing was remade.  Or maybe it was just made? 

The problem with a cyclical time scheme is "where did it begin". Well, it can begin at any point.  


-Remember the Dragon and the land are one? dragon remade = land remade = world remade/made

-and "The heavens and the earth" just a hebrew colloquialism for "everything


I suppose I'm asserting that Rand created the creator, that he is the creator and this whole thing is a metaphor, a gift, given to us by Robert Jordan so that we to can "defeat the shadow" in our own lives.


The message, I believe then is  John 10:34 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis 1%3A18&version=NIV

"Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law, 'I have said you are "gods"'? "



After Rand is finished; its a new age right? What happens on the fourth day? Stars are created and given authority over light and darkness! Actually those stars are not recognized as good UNTILL they have authority over them.

https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis 1%3A18&version=NIV


I think this is as close as I'm going to get to explaining myself tonight so I'll just leave it here. Please let me know what you think, is there something you think I should read? Has anyone else brought this up? Is this to far out there? Interesting/not interesting? Disagree with anything?


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