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Where do you want to stay?


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On 1/22/2021 at 6:09 AM, chongjasmine said:

Where do you want to stay in Randland?

You can’t just ask a question like that and not give your own answer.


If i was an Adrenaline junky : The Blight or the Waste

If i was a SF Soldier : The Borderlands 

If i was a Farmer : the 2 Rivers.

If i was a Coward : Mayene

If i was SJW : Tar Valon

If i was a Hermit : The Black Hills

If i was a peaceful Fisherman : The lake NW of the 2 Rivers.

If i was a Sailor : Anything but a Atha’an Miere Ship(can’t stand them)

If i wanted to see what great things could be done with the Power : The Black Tower about 100 years into the 4th Age.

If i really loved seeing death, havoc and destruction : Anywhere during the breaking.

If i wanted to claim a large piece of Land all for myself : Worlds End after the Blight has died off.


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