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Ren'Shai Field Trip


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Welcome to the Ren'Shai Dojo, this is the disc thats about honing your body and being into fitness, so we are prepared for whatever migth come. We like to talk about what it means to survive, but we also enjoy kicking back talking about sci-fi, gaming and such.





Our members consist of (inactives in hidden content):

Regent Discipline Leader:
Arie - Yellow Aes Sedai


Vanion - former SC


Asha'man Shar'Aman

Damon Devilkin


Aspiring Manshimas:





Inactive members:

Haycraftd - Der'Manshima, Former MaA
Al Jenn Mael - Der'Manshima
ArtGuyJoe - Der'Manshima
BenTGaidin - Der'Manshima
ConningOfficer - ? 
cosmicpanda - Manshima
Esteban Diego - Der'Manshima
False Dragon - ?
F Horn of Valere - Der'Manshima
Karasayl - Der'Manshima
King of the Reds - Der'Manshima
Loranflame - Algai
Rekinu Alasayaar - Der'Manshima, temp former SC
ReleaseTheEvil - Der'Manshima
Shamaeso - Der'Manshima
thehumantrashcan - Der'Manshima
The winds of Time - ?

Tigersfs - ?
_wolfbrother_ - Der'Manshima



our shields:

49195364352_b7d065cf1b_o.png 49194604458_c9211f42ba_o.png 49195109566_fd05a3dc71_o.png 49195301452_d014fdeb7c_o.png

49195301537_4b853ba028_o.png 49195109631_e7e4562d8d_o.png  49195301637_711bb22ea1_o.png49195109651_e8bfb20112_o.png






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 My beloved Ren'Shai, this is for you too!! And this is 100% shameless on my part in the hopes of pulling back some interest. ? *coughs*


WE ARE GOING BACK TO FORUMS!!! Not completely, but we are returning back to the sorely missed forum structure!! Thought you should know!


Also! We are updating Records! If you haven't checked in here, please do so. It's where we are pulling our 'active member' list for returning to the forums.


@Vanion @ThorkinBarrimore @Al Jenn Mael @ArtGuyJoe @BenTGaidin @ConningOfficer @cosmicpanda @Esteban Diego @False Dragon @F Horn of Valere @Karasayl @King of the Reds @Loranflame @Rekinu Alasayaar @ReleaseTheEvil @Shamaeso @thehumantrashcan @Tigersfs @_wolfbrother_


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