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Me'Arearth Field Trip


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Welcome to the Me'Arearth Dungeon (thats gaming dungeon you nimwits not jail), in this disc we like to read and think. We often debate books, logic, fantasy, travel and similar topcis. Like your D'n'D or other games, come on in and debate the book of the month over a good board game, and a drink from the bar of course!


In the past we hosted events like Dr. Who week and the like.




Our members consist of (inactives in hidden content):


Regent Discipline Leader:
Arie - Yellow Aes Sedai



JamesBrown - Former WY Sword Captain


Aspiring Manshimas:



  Reveal hidden contents


Inactive members:

Lavandula - Der'Manshima, former SC
Bursius - Der'Manshima
Corki - Der'Manshima, former SC
dapianopla3r - Manshima
Davrick -Der'Manshima
Dors Olivaw - Der'Manshima
HeroAndros - Der'Manshima
Lenlo - Der'Manshima
Masema - Manshima
Shendara - Algai
Turin Turambar - Der'Manshima
TylerRVG - Der'Manshima
Verbal32 - Der'Manshima



Our shields


49194444673_ca8d014005_o.png49194947586_3d5d7231b8_o.png49194444588_27ba38448b_o.png    49188587262_b0dbf06216_o.png





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Darling Me'Arearth, a few quick things for you! And this is 100% shameless on my part in the hopes of pulling back some interest. ?


WE ARE GOING BACK TO FORUMS!!! Not completely, but we are returning back to the sorely missed forum structure!! Thought you should know!


Also! We are updating Records! If you haven't checked in here, please do so. It's where we are pulling our 'active member' list for returning to the forums.


Also, it would be nice to pass on the Regent DL title to a capable Leader.. ? Just sayin'... 

@Brusius @Corki @dapianoplay3r @Davrick @Dors Olivaw @HeroAndros @Lenlo @Masema @Shendare @Turin Turambar @TylerRVG @Verbal32

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