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Activity: Tour of Bandar Eban

Asha'man Shar'aman

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The idea of this thread is to take a tour of the city of Bandar Eban. I will post some facts about the city, as well as "take" you to some notable places in the city, and then let you loose. You are welcome to mess around in Bandar Eban, so long as you remain in the city. What I mean by this is, don't post pictures of the hadori from Malkier, veils from Tarabon, or basically take off to any nation other than Arad Domon. This is to ensure that the tour stays in the city. Please keep this thread spoiler-free, as we have some people here who haven't finished the books. Thank you, and have fun!



Before we begin our tour, let's learn a little about the Council of Merchants. The Council of Merchant is comprised of the heads of the merchant guilds. They are responsible for choosing a new King, as well as deposing him if necessary. The King could be deposed by no less than a seventy-five percent vote by the Council of Merchants. The Council was mainly comprised of women, because the Domani believe women to be better merchants. 


The Domani are a very unique people. They are coppery skinned, and are taught the arts of seduction from a very young age. Domani dresses tend to be very revealing. The Domani pride themselves on being different from the other nations. Instead of cobbles on their streets, they use wooden boardwalks, and instead of signs, banners are used, from proclaiming the trade practiced in a shop, to the name of the family living in a house. Their food is apparently indigestible spicy, and they use "dreadful" eating utensils. There is question to this claim however, as it came from an outsider.


Bandar Eban is the capital of Arad Domon, and a major port city. It has wooden walkways to keep residents out of the mud, and wooden buildings that look like children's blocks. Colorful banners fly from every building, proclaiming the residents or trade practiced within. The rich district of Bandar Eban is to the east, away from the port. Bandar Eban reportedly has one of the best libraries in the world.



A map of Bandar Eban can be found here:




The first stop on our tour is the Arandi Square. Arandi Square is the city's main square, and includes copper horses leaping from a frothy wave. Arandi Square is in the center of Bandar Eban.


The next stop on our tour is House Chadmar. This is the home of Lady Milisair Chadmar, a member of the Council of Merchants. House Milisair's colors are green and white. The House is located in the rich district of Bandar Eban, in the east. House Chadmar was a grand mansion, with a lawn, and hedges cut in the shapes of fanciful animals. There was an audience chamber of sorts, including a raised dias which was covered with a rich carpet. The Council of Merchants houses are said to be even grander than the King's palace. 


We have not been given permission to study the King's Palace, so we will have to leave the one for now. 


We will now move on to the docks. Bandar Eban is known for being a port city, and as such has an impressive dock. Bandar Eban has a large harbor leading out into the Aryth Ocean, and is the only nation to have a Coast Guard, which acts as a sort of standing navy. The docks are often busy with trade, including Sea Folk ships.


I will now take you to the Wind's Favor Inn, a high-class place, where you may order drinks, talk to one another, and just enjoy yourselves in general. I will be serving as bartender, so tag me if you wish to have a drink. Enjoy!





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If I were a character in this world, Arad Domon would definitely be where I'm from (though, I for sure don't have the coppery skin...unless I spend some time in the sun, as I actually tan well). As a matter of fact, it's what I'm planning to cosplay at JordanCon.



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