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White Ajah Facts and Members

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What is the White Ajah?


In Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, the White Ajah is dedicated to logic and reason.  They are perceived as cold, emotionless, and detached from all earthly ties.


Dragonmount's White Ajah isn't so heartless.  While we love philosophy and logic and want to debate any topic, we also care deeply about happiness, living our best lives, and being empathetic.  We try to use reason to place ourselves in another's shoes.  We strive to look at any topic from all angles to understand it completely.


In the end, though, we are human, and we get heated and passionate about many topics!  We love balance!  The White Ajah is a great place for both deep thinking and silly antics.



Who's in the White Ajah?


First Reasoner: Mashiara Sedai

Sitter: Rhea

Aes Sedai: Gentled Ben, Kukasö, AesSedaiGuy, Dwynwen, Charis alAslan


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