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Brands and equipment


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Ok we covered a bit of what people do...but as i dog into things i realize there are levels to stuff quality wise and to which level your on


So let's discuss brands


I got two types of fineliners staedtler which i used for years for adult coloring books...and arteza which i got last year to start trying out inking.


Maybe it's cause their old and used but in general for me the arteza was a big step up as far as getting solid colors that's easier to work with...the shade selection help too...though i got them just before they started color coding the pens so if you mess then up like I did in begining figuring out what's what is a nightmare... especially since the caps aren't always true to color


I am sorting ing them and taging them with a cd pen.


My aquarelle pencils are bruynzeel-sakura

Only came with one pensil so got myself some daler rowney pencils today to add on


I been trying to do some research as i would like to get a white pen to use as highlighter in my drawings... though i gather i should maybe get two one solid ink and one transparent...though with that i think maybe quality need to be goten cause white on top of other colors are hard


I know as i use gel pens for scrapbooking...


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