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Wonder Woman 1984 (spoilers!)

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Has anyone else seen Wonder Woman 1984 yet?


I liked it, and I thought the villain was very creative, and I liked the way they tied in Diana's character arc with Steve and the development of her powers. I do think they gave too much away in the trailer, though. I so wish I'd first seen that trash can joke while watching the movie.


And I LOVED the myth about Asteria! I don't even really know why; it just felt so beautiful. Although her suit of armor was surprisingly small -- if everyone of the Amazons melted down their own armor to create one huge suit for her, shouldn't it be bigger?

And that post-credit scene. Wow -- I really hope Asteria's involved in the next movie.


What were your thoughts?

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I liked it too!  I know a lot of people have complained about it, but it was fun and entertaining.


I really liked that Steve's soul came to inhabit another person's body!  When I saw the trailers, I was like how on earth can they bring him back to life?  He's 80 years old or something!  This made sense to me and I liked how they handled it.  


I also would love for Asteria to be involved in the next film.  My husband said that they have to other movies planned for this Wonder Woman timeline, so I think the chances are good that Asteria's character will make an appearance.

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