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Summarize the series in 1 sentence.

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I just finished the series for the first time yesterday. Loved it. Egwene was my fav. I'm still reeling. My book club (who didn't read the books) asked me summarize the saga in one sentence. I said "Farmer contemplates time." I asked my friend who has read the books and he said "90s Lord of the Rings but you see every city and the magic has rules."


How would you summarize Wheel of Time in one sentence?

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Summarise Wheel of Time in one Sentence, yea sure and for my next trick.


I will stop the Tide from coming in.😁


Magic users by the hundreds, Medieval and Renaissance battles, artificially created Monsters, giant friendly Aliens, really evil bad guys, good guys that are Greyish, highly skilled and trained Warriors, Political machinations and large flying 3 eyed reptiles, what else would you need to tell anyone.

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LoL Rj created this series so that can write hate mail about Eggy the three legged monster


P.S I don't even know where did that come from lol

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