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GIMP - DnD characters class


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Ok there a fair few who are getting into DnD and may want to make character pictures


Let's be realistic though, the Chance off finding pictures in free sites like pixabay that is exactly representative in features of your character is not that likely always.


So post here what you need to do to fix features of your char, it helps if you found a base picture you want to base yourself off.


Here are some examples i made:


ok original, and croped and edited version for my dragonborn character, here i altered skin and eyecolor




and the two elf pics i used go make my Warlock Eladrin Elf, here i in addition to redress the char also colored the hair, i did not feel like doing the skin as i was tired...




as you will see on all of these they are not the most advanced edits due to my arms being busted. but i can dictate text so should be able to walk you through process as long as i dont do the full alteration thingy for pics, but just simply illustrate roughly how to use the tools, and you all will have to do the finetweaking yourself with small brushes and zoomed in to do detail work and make it look pretty ? 


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so the original pic up there i resized so it wouldnt eat the page, the finished edition is in its original size, so as long as square it wont cut any of it, just resize it in DnDBeyond, and i am not exactly accurate just roughly square by eyesight

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