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Alcalimo Ethelion's WT/DM Class

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Hey again,





As I was saying in my PM this is where the fun starts 😄


Welcome to our very own classroom !





First things first, I'll properly introduce myself, even if I already told you a couple of things about me in my PM.


I'm the Blue Ajah First Selector, which means that I'm in charge of that wonderful Ajah. This is pretty recent, I only became a Blue this year 😊 Before that, I was part of the Red Ajah: I switched because the Blues needed active members. The White Tower isn't my only Club but it's here that I spend most of my time. As you will see, there are many boards to visit, many threads to read and to participate in.


Since my journey started a while ago, I had the chance to mentor a couple of initiates ^.^

(most of them survived ... yay)😅


That said, don't hesitate to give a sign if you need more information or help. I'll try my best to help you out.




How will this class work ?


I will post parts of the lesson, one after the other here below. You - on the other hand - will have to post answers to my questions but there's no rush. Take all the time you need :) 



If all is clear for you, I'll post the first part of the lesson 😎


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Let's start with the first part :


Part 1

1) What are the members of the WT/Warders expected to do?

2) What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you?

3) What in the heck does PG13 mean?

4) What is thread Hi-Jacking and spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?



(oh and no peeking in the other classes to get answers 🤓)


Good luck!


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1)      If I have understood well, we all start as initiates. Then, if I choose to be a Warders I can become Algai, then Manshima and finally Der’Manshima. Aes Sedai start with Novice, then Accepted and Aes Sedai. We must respect our warder companions and all the members of higher rank and level.

2)      CoC are supplementary rules to the general DM rules. There is a warning point system, that signals if you have violated some rules. My behaviour must avoid

- Hate speech, Inappropriate Language, Abusive Behavior, Topic Bumping, Inappropriate advertising, Signature Violation

If I receive warnings I can be moderated for some days or even banned.

3)      I really don’t know the exact meaning of PG acronym, but I have understood that PG13 is a conduct guide for MD members to behave as film rules states for motion pictures intended for children less than 13. In a practical way, we must avoid the use of cursing, f-words, nudity, body parts, violence, naughty pictures too explicit

4)      Thread hi-jacking is when two or more people monoplize a thread for several posts, usually about off-topic subjects. Spam is a large amount of posts useless to the aim of the area where they have been posted, in this case WT/Warders. It must be avoided.


Hope to have answered well!

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Woot! That was quick!


1) The wording of question #1 may have been a bit vague: you got all the info about the journey. Well done! The only thing that I could add is that it's important for the members to be active and to participate in the threads/discussions/ events.


2) The CoC applies to the whole site, but then again you grasped its meaning and the way it works 😊

Sometimes, you may find that some boards have extra rules. Usually they are pinned on the top of the said board.


3) PG means "parental guidance". I had to look it up the first time I saw it 😋 I was not familiar with that acronym either. Your answer is perfect, though.


4) And, you nailed the spam part!




* * *


Let's go to the next part. I will already post it here, but that shouldn't stop you discussing or commenting the first part of the lesson should you wish to do so.


* * *


Part Two: The Subgroups


Part two will lead you to explore at least 5 of our subgroups (and by subgroups I mean either Ajahs or Warders Discs). To track your journey, please post this template at least 5 times in one of your next posts. You can edit that post, each time you'll have information to add.


--[Who is in charge]
--[general focus if there is one]
--[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #1]
--[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #2]


We have 10 groups to explore in total (7 ajah and 3 discs): so, don't hesitate to go further than what is asked in this lesson. This will only help you improve your knowledge about the Tower and the Warders Yard. 🙂


This part is going to be by far the most "work heavy" section. It is also the most important. When you will visit an Ajah or the Warders try to get the feel of each place, to participate in the conversations you fill find, to take part in the events people are organizing. Saying hello is only a start, we are expecting a bit more than that 😁


This will also be the opportunity for you to check which subgroups are the best fit for you. We want our initiates to take time and to consider all their options before to commit to anything! As you will notice our White Tower is not the same as the one in the books.


Again, no rush and good luck !!!! 


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Good question, all my apologies 😊

It is the focus they have here, in Dragonmount's version of the White Tower.


Sorry ^.^

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I guessed it, but I cannot find the focus of each Ajah in the DM pages (sobbing).

Can you give me a hint how to find their focuses?

Yet, I've succeeded in reading the descriptions of the Discs.

Maybe I'm a little bit dull 


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Hahaha no worries, it's not always easy to find it all.


Let's start with the Blues as it's the Ajah I know best 😊 If you have a look in the Blue board, you will see a Welcome thread * coughs * I may have posted it today when I noticed it was missing 😅

You will find some of the useful information there.


Another good lead is that thread where you posted when you signed in in the White Tower. If you have a look at the first posts, you'll also find useful info.


I hope this will already be helpful 😁


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Hahaha no worries, I found a comfortable seat near my open fire, a good book and a cup of tea. I can wait for days like this 😄

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Well, let's sart with some result...

Here is the draft of my class, showing what my explorations have been, in these month.



--[Who is in charge]

--[general focus if there is one]

--[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #1]

--[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #2]



Blue Ajah, whom you are in charge to J

Most frequented by fans of movies, comics, tv shows, video games and books, both is SF and fantasy.

Nonetheless, Blue Ajah pages deal with important issues in sociaty, too, supporting many nowadays causes, as diversity and inclusion.

Partecipating in an escape room



Brown Ajah

No one in charge, at the moment

Like in WOT books, many Sisters and Brothers of the Brown subgroup are fond of books, they even love them. On the other hand, they usually take notes of their trips by writing or by shhoting many and many pics.

But Browns are fascinated by many types of learning and knowledge, science and artWe can understand better this characteristic having a look at the Special Collections thread.

Languages. I’ve presented myself and spoken about the Evish languages by Tolkien. Someone seems interested in!

The Brown Ajah Library: trying to get in contact with other fantasy writers



Green Ajah: Ryrin

Greens are a more a family than a group. They support each other, especially if they had worries, like health or anything worrying people. Truobles and cares are better if you share them.



Yellow Ajah: Nynaeve

They are lighhearted and like fun and games. They help their frined to smile even if they are in a blue mood.


I don’t know if the Arts Guild can be assumed to make part of this class. In any case, as a calligrapher I’ve said hi to all the members and spoken of my usual tools. I’ve created a topic where to show my works, too.

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Well done @Alcalimo Ehtelion  !!!!!

For the Browns, Blank is in charge. I'm not sure she's active atm, though. All the other infos are spot on 😄


The Arts Guild is another Club, so it's not part of this class or the White Tower BUT you will find there a lot of our members :) And your work is awesome, so don't hesitate to post over there as well.


To finish this part, you only need to :

- complete the info for a 5th group ;

- post links that will lead me to 2 relevant posts you wrote in each sub-groups.


If you need help with that, don't hesitate to tell me.

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