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Fan art challenge


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Ok since i havent heard anyone partisipating in anything in november, how about we do a fanart challenge while we wait for delfember


basically share art meant to depict something in the books or the up and coming tv show, it can be persons or places or objects and so on.



I am not the best with digital drawing, i could maybe crack it if i had the patience to sit longer and work on my pieces, but to start it off here is one piece i made last year after they anounced the player of nynaeve in the show


finished work - combination of drawing and manipulation


still sketching and a bit more zoomed in, but shows the roughness of it better as well from my impatience 



now your entery do not need to be a drawing, it can be in any of the picture mediums we got represented here in the club, maybe you got that awsome drawing of a fireball, or a picture that perfectly depicts how one would imagine an ogier grove would look...


and its up to you if you just show the finish work, or a few shots of work in progress too that can maybe serve as inspiration for how to work on pieces ?

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