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Rules and sources


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Firstly, lets get the "boring" juridical stuff out of the way, aka Copyrigths. This means you can't just google whatever you want, snag it out of your browser, and use it for sigs. The maker or taker of the picture owns it, and using it without consent is illigal!


(Thats the short version, if you want to know more you can start hereDigital Millenium Copyright Act)


Now too the good news; a good amount of pages online actually have stuff you can use for free, either by crediting, or even without crediting. A little heads up though, a lot of them also have some premium section, or cooperation with sites where you have to pay a membership to gain free use. Although there's usually clearly marked which pictures this attains too.


More on good picture sources 



Example - pictures in pixabay is free, pictures they sponsor from shutterstock is not


If you really want to use a picture and is unsure, the easy way to go about it is contact the owner and ask.


So here is a list of pages where you can find pictures to use (remember to check rules on use and crediting):





And here is a list of pages where members of the guild have gotten permision for us to use pictures for sig making on DM (that's sigs and on DM not all over the web), and notes of conditions:



This is the arts account of our very own Jagen Sedai


Brush sources


Gimp brushes a list of some good sites to get them mostly for free when it comes to uncommercial aka personal use at least


Font sources

there are several free for personal use fonts out there, which works great for sig making, if you are however working on stuff thats for something that gets sold, then you often have to buy a lisence, so if you use your home computer for work related stuff think about this before downloading free for personal use fonts so you dont accidently use them on things you intend to sell


clearly marks which fonts are free for personal use, and which needs lisence for comercial use behind each font



same as previous one, its clearly marked what kind of use you can use it on in conection to each font





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