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[class] blending in gimp


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ok after my other tutorial i been proven wrong on the whole not sure i am up to coming up with a class, cause i was thinking in the lines of classes i done in past in DM, but wanted something to do and asked someone for a topic...and was given blending

Blending so depends upon what you want to do, so its actually more suitable as a class and tutorial merge.


Because i can always pick one way but its so many ways to do it, so instead if you want to work on blending, join this class, and you show the pictures you want to merge and your idea, and i will help you by going through 1-2 ways of doing it and we will tweak that till you can get the result you want and do it yourself. I think thats the best way to attack this subject, and this class later can work as a master tutorial on blending ;) 

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image.thumb.png.b2a69e974694513984e9e28ee77b7fc4.pngok so um itchy fingers, will still look into yours specific if you want too...or anyone else want help for ideas (because this just comes down to ideas on what tools to combine for different situations) go ahead and post yours or a couple pics similar to the ones your working on and we will cover it..


Forest, Lake, Landscape, Mountainlighthouse-4208843_960_720.jpg


now with this to get the fine lines it would be a nightmare to scale it down too much first, you want to be able to blur the work by zooming it down later for sigs, or you migth end up spending very long on finetuning things


so to be sure i got enough space i start with A4



then i use the crop tool to get rid of the extra space





now to be able to work outside the picsboarders i want them to be the size of the image overall, called layer to image size



now i see many issues here with mountain sizes and whatnot but best idea is find the easier thing to fix and work from that one problem at a time, we may have to include more pics but will get to that later



i am going to start with the clone tool, and i move my cursor over the grass, when i got it where i want it, i hit ctrl and click down, that way i lock in where i want it to start cloning from and move into drawing grass over on the other picture


ok i also did some stone and sand here

its not perfect merged but we will get back to working on that, this often is many layers, many processes and so on, but thats how i start



ok here got a litle further, by now you can see that the rocks become darker, what i did was go to the dark part in the rightside pic, clone that, decrease optimacy and draw over the rocks on the left side to color them more to the same shade


Now you can keep going on working on this technique, but personally i would say in a sig i would just put the lowerline so i didnt have to, so for this tutorial i will crop the botom line now



and going a bit back and forth with how they line up i found that ok cant crop it as high as i wanted cause it wouldnt look good too much of the isle would disapear, so it leaves a litle more work then, but far from as much as in begining


but you got the drift of how to do that part with the land so will move on to the waterline

now i want to copy visible and start using working layers



now i can hit ctrl+v to paste the copy, and then i can add it as new layer as we covered in the base tutorial


now in case i mess up even if simple to make a new one i may want this as a background under invisible layers later, so its much more quick to now just hit the duplicate layer button


this time i am using healing tool and has it set to around half optimacy




ok now i also started on the mountain, using a combination of clone, heal and smudge, and also going back and forth between part and full optimacy



this is how it looks closer in(se above), but if we zoom out (see bellow)




now next i am going to copy this layer and play with filtermodes to find an better way to slowly move from light to darker sky in color


seting my copylayer to screen brightens it up



however i only wanted it on the right side, so take a large eraser brush at part optimacy, place it on the left side and start slowly moving it in till you get the right blend between the original and the screened copy layer



ok at this stage i would like to move over into sig size, so i make a new file and copy visible and paste it into new project, that way if i cant make it work well in sig size level then i can go back to this and fix more if i want to


and here are some size options, if i dont go in too far i see i get very minimal work left


another version




ok here i went in and smudged a bit in the sealine, used a bit of clone from the left side to the right side



now if i do this


then i got some work more to do, easiest here, make a copy layer, then we use colorize



if you cross off in the colorize box you want split view, it will come up with a line in the midle of your picture, you can click and drag this line any way you want to look at effect.

now i draged it to the left, because i want to find that aproximate skytone with the colorselect tool thats on the right side of the bar showing color in the menu. the square in the picture is wher i put my cursor to pic the somewhat medium skytone

now if i drag my line over to the right it looks like this


now i forse myself to ignore the other stuff and just look at sky, thats too light in my book, so i go back and get a darker color

as that didnt work either not going to post that pic here, so no luck in just picking up colors we are going to have to do it manuel, so i put the line in the midle of one of the bigger skyfields i want changed and manually adjust the color in the colorfield


experimenting back and forth till i find a color blue up by the line which actually give me a bright day blue and contrast between sky and skies



i here used the eraser with soft edges to take away the parts of the picture i didnt want colored but in a way it blends into the parts that i want to keep colored


and not going to show it but up in the midle i would go over with the smudgetool and drag some of that white sky towars the right so i dont get that line feel and done...ok can do it



now if you want to do more or knitpick obviously just comes down too how long you want to keep at it


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