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Roll call: October 2020

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Sorry for posting this really late. Let us know that you are here. Also, let us know if you have any favourite fantasy race/monsters/creatures.


I love the ogiers in WoT. When I roleplayed I was almost always a forest elf. And it's hard not to like dragons. 

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I'm here, not sure where I fit in on the roll sheet, but I am here. I love dragons (have an iconic one tattooed on my chest) and vampires. I play half-elfs, in dnd, most often. I look forward to the day I can identify myself as a half-elf race on a job application 😉 haha


I like most beings out there, from the exotic creatures in the realm of the non-existent (if you talk about them, they die, coming into existence, so just don't) to the seemingly mundane humans who change everything they touch.

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