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Looking to get backinto RPGing

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I'm looking to get back into WoT RPGing. I've been Master at Arms, Captain ht the Tower and Marshal-General of Tar Valon on several sites. Retired two-star who served in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. Helped plan the invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 and inserted in the first wave. If you have any big wars planned I can help. I have two characters in mind. One is a mercenary general who has entered the Tower's service. The other is a female master spy who is the besr fighter in Tar Valon. She also gets huinches but her talent cannot be trained.

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I am sure the staff will be around to add you to the appropriate groups


There is the open rpg where you can do whatever u want, and the portal stone rpg where you have to RP to earn mastery and talents are given after applications




Can be useful to find the different groups raising systems and available talents



Lurking sometimes RPing 😛

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