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Wheel of Time crossover critique


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So I have been bouncing around ideas in my head to now have a crossover fanfiction story between Wheel of Time and some other universe. Ultimately I chose Mass Effect because the universe allowed me to fit things into its rich lore here like a bad puzzle, I had to squeeze them in there, but it could work. Also, they are among my favorite book and video games respectively. I have made a timeline of sorts of what I think happened after the Last Battle up to what would be the First Contact. This will be an alternate Mass Effect Universe, as this new humanity will influence it greatly. Please take a look and tell me what you think, but I have three points before really delving into this creation of mine.
1) Cuendillar. By the Light and the Hope of my rebirth, this substance gives me headaches. It is supposed to be unbreakable and can even get stronger. I simply don't believe I can allow spaceships to be constructed of this because otherwise we end up with a huge overpower balance in favor of humans being in indestructible ships laughing at the puny races. Should I make it so that any energy passing in the vicinity of it can't be conducted (so electricity can't power things onboard)? Use its rarity? I am already planning to use element zero as a counter to the One Power with element zero weapons in mass effect like disruptor torpedoes have a negative effect on it. I was hoping to have power aligned metal ships with Cuendillar armor plating would get around this issue. They would still be vulnerable, especially to those torpedoes, but at the same time it wouldn't be overwhelming once the other races figure out its weakness.

2) Seanchan and the way they handle slavery in the future. I have it right now that the people can choose to enter lifetime contracts to become akin to so'jhin for households. There are no more of those da'covale where they basically are brainwashed automatons. Took two civil wars, one for the damane and one for the da'covale to get there, but it happened. However, I didn't want to throw the ability of someone common being able to order other nobles around which is why I kept so'jhin around in that way. Lots of different ways this could go.

3) White Tower vs Black Tower. Should the Black Tower make their own oaths? Say what you will about White Tower Aes Sedai, but those oaths do comfort people high up that their nations won't be ruled by long-lived witches. Black Tower right now has no constraints. I can't imagine males swearing the same oaths due to how their group was born to be soldiers first and foremost, but are there alternate oaths I should have them swear? Or do you think the nations would accept the Black Tower to be a buffer against the Seanchan?


Joe wheel of time and mass effect timeline.odt

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Cuendillar is a headache all around.  The only known force that can degrade it is the Dark One's power, everything else just makes it stronger, as much as it makes sense for something already indestructible to be made stronger.  And it's made of common iron, its scarcity is entirely due to a choice by Aes Sedai to refrain from making a bunch of it.  But in the infinite turnings of the Wheel, all available iron should be turned to cuendillar, which would eventually be subducted into the core of the planet, and any new iron would have to come from deep mantle upwellings in volcanoes and meteorites.  Eventually, even the former would be exhausted, and that would end up wreaking havoc on tectonic dynamics and may even affect the Earth's ability to generate a protective magnetic field.  After all, it's not as if the Dark One's corruption, even if he could degrade cuendillar while fully imprisoned, turns cuendillar back into iron.  Since you're doing a mash-up, you can do whatever fits best for your story.  


Regarding Oaths for the Black Tower, I think the general opinion is that they've done more harm than good.  The Oath to "make no weapon..." is relatively harmless, but it does hamstring the Aes Sedai and their allies they could supply with Power-enhanced weapons and armor.  The other two are counterproductive.  The Oath to "speak no word that is untrue" merely highlights the fact that the trustworthiness of Aes Sedai is in question, and incentivizes circumspection and manipulation among Aes Sedai, making them even more untrustworthy.  The Oath to "never use the Power as a weapon..." creates the incentive for recklessness and a disregard for their own safety and the safety of others.  Plus there's the disadvantage that being bound by an Oath halves the expected lifespan of a channeller, which makes any Oath, no matter how well-intentioned, a clear hindrance.  It's probably better for the Oath Rod to return to its original purpose: as a penultimate punishment for rogue channeler criminals.

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The blatantly obvious Crossover would be the Cosmere, wouldn’t mind Sanderson dropping a vague hint somewhere. 

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