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Roll Call: August 2020

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Welcome to August in the Black Tower. Let us know that you are here. 5 points for signing in and 5 points for answering the question.


What way of travelling in the WoT is your favourite? For exampel: Portal stones, T'A'R, the Ways, skimming, travelling through gateways, riding a mule...


I think traveling through gateways seems the easiest but I'm fascinated by the Ways. I'm thinking that it was a beautiful place to travell through in the beginning. Hopefully they can cleans the Ways from mashadar. (I know what it says in the deleted Perrin chapter but that isn't canon.)

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I am here.


I like The Ways. It was fascinating to consider how they used to be and how they had become corrupted by the times of the series.


Definitely like the ideas of the gateways. Just open, step through, and close. But they could be dangerous.


I think I would most likely enjoy the more "normal" mode of travel by horseback.

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