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Pride - wardrobe

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Sigs are open for grabs, and you can use as many as you want, if anyone want to contribute to the pool just post them in this tread and i will add them up here. So far creators are Hayl3y and Liitha.


There will also be more sigs added, but due to one of our games we are holding some of them back til week 2

Also if someone feel they miss elements for their sexuality or identity let me know and i will make some, no problem.

(all the ones withheld are flag color based, so those will come 😉 )


Regular sigs




these can be stacked beside eachother to make sigs with different pictures, there are half elements and quarter elements (that means the bigger slides are half of a regular sig and you can add another half element, or two quarter elements on the side of it - without it exceeding the sig limit)


Half elements:

*coming week 2*


Quarter elements:


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