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Pride Month - Welcome all <3

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Welcome to Pride Month, all of you lovely People ❤️


As you may know, Pride is internationally celebrated during the month of June.


So, this month, a little crew of DMers are organizing activities, games, threads


for all of you but also to show support to the LGBTQ+ community.


Let the fun begin !!!!



Here will be posted the link to all our events.


!! Now watch out, there will be new contents every week !!


So don't hesitate to visit us and have a peek each day.



Week 2&3


LGBT characters in Movies and Books

Slogans and quotes

Social Media thread

Vending Machine

Rainbow Jukebox

Open stage

Guessing game - Glyphs - Symbols

Food thread


Also don't forget to visit our White Sisters and Brothers here - for their June Discussion.


spotted - all the spotted actions will be posted here below 😉


Week 1




If you want to celebrate the event with style here are some graphic material created by Lii ❤️


You will find them here.






If you want to know more about pride month, here are some basic info to help you out.













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Spotted - Sims 4


In June 2019, Maxi released pride material to celebrate pride month with your Sims : you can find rainbow clothes, accessories as well as different pride flags ❤️




Spotted - Bioware


This month, Bioware (video game company) who well known for its openness to the LGBTQ+ community is wearing a FB profile pic with the pride / rainbow colours - now I was very surprised to see that some people reacted to it with an  "angry" emote to that gesture of support.


Spotted - Deviantart


If you are member of that plateform made for artists, don't hesitate to have a look at its most recent challenges. There's a small writing challenge set up for pride month. All participants will be awarded a pride honour badge !






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DMs reminder of accepting all people here, though posted in regards to the riots, also very much highligth it goes for all other type of groups too.





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How could I forget that one XD

And it was right under my nose






Other spotted - google : if you look up pride month on google, you get a rainbow banner on your screen !

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And the white ajah is also celebrating pride 😉



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2 minutes ago, Liitha said:

And the brown ajah is also celebrating pride

Did you mean the white ajah? If not please add link to the brown one too (for us *point to self* lazy ones😄)

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I added the White link to the Welcome thread; thanks ! 😄



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Hey, the more the merrier! I did read the white one, written by the lovely Mashiara Sedai, and can highly recommend it.

There's interesting history, some very good points to afterthought, and really good book sugestions, it's a must read!!!👍👍👍 



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For any tabletop gamers out there. A number of dice vendors have collections of Pride related color themes. Here's one on Etsy I've seen in the few groups I am in. 



(if the link doesn't work just google Pride Dice Etsy -_-. I can't click the link at work as it's blocked so can't test it myself)


If you'd like to investigate yourself as well look for the FB group Goblin Dice Hoard. Plenty of discussions there and links to other providers. Unrelated except by time, I believe I even saw a Kickstarter on there for a set of BLM dice where the proceeds go to civil rites sites. 

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50 years ? wow ! I had no idea ... which is a shame :p


It's good to know that it has been up for that long (and then maybe it should have been up for much longer)

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I have a question wich may or may not be lgbtq related, but since I found it in relation to lgbtq...can anyone tell me what  a furry is? And to me that sounds perfectly pg but if it by any chance is not, please be a dearie and contact me in pm😁

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