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New to these boards, I think

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Hey there


I'm new to these boards, I think. I imagined I had an account here somewhere, but none of my emails are registered.


I was checking up to see if there were any of those old forum-based RPs going anymore. I did those when I grew up, in a various enviroments, but WoT was actually my first world.


So anyways, hello guys!

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Welcome Elgen !


For the RP part, it's still going on, there's a club dedicated to it. Don't hesitate to have a look :




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Ooohhh *claps*


Hello and welcome (?back) Elgen!


The boards have had several revamps over the years, one not too long ago, which is why old emails might not register. 


Now I'm curious though, what name did you use, which chars etc and around which timeframe? There are still a few of us around from the good old days, and we love to see a new-old face 🙂


The RPG has changed quite a bit since the beginning of DM, and activity goes up and down. Don't be put off by the quiet spell though, when new RPs go up people tend to come out of the woodwork.


Most active chars are in the White Tower and The Alliance (Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower and Wolfkin) these days,  I think. 


What chars were you thinking of starting/ bringing back?

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welcome back then, as said may be reasons didnt find it lolz


and where did you use to hang out, do you remember? (is both on the social club aka old org side and the rp side myself)

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I have no idea where I did my RPing, actually. It must be more than 15 years ago, on an old dial-up modem I was not allowed to use by my dad.


After one RP kinda died, I started RPing in other worlds, and did some pen and paper. I would like writing again though, so I'll have a look at the different RPs, and how it's done nowadays.


Thanks for the warm welcome!

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