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Welcome to Knightmare Week!


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A week when we all return to our medieval tendencies.

A week when we speak in olde English.

A week when we eat mutton.

A week when witches are burned.


This is Knightmare Week.

gear up war GIF by TRT


Come and join in the festivities!


the lord of the rings men GIF



Battle Music by Hayl3y 

Cage Match by Liitha

Lava's Food Stand by Lavandula

Paired Quiz Game by JamesBrown

Make Your Own Crest by Liitha

Witch burning! by Haycraftd

Women in Medieval Times by ATuckerMorin



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Ok I really hate to disturb the lovely view but...better get decent girls or mother's gonna shut us down..

*throws barely there, blue and turquoise panties at lii and hayls*

Prepare for the aspies😁



@Jivenrah Sedai




@Caldazar al'Aemon


@Melisa Céliane Tomar


@Jacen al'Miere





@Rebecca Aes Sedai





@E James Todd  

Anyone not in here by Weekend are possessed, and as such will be trialed as wytches, force-fed wytches cakes, and fed to the fyhres. 


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Oh sure..as long as you dont ask me to untie them after?


What now? You think the flagpole would hold him? I mean if we make a harness for the chair and...



Also I think we got time...mumsy should be occupied chewing through some wytch cakes at first when she comes around *grins*

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I'm sure the cook made these cake extra chewwy XD


oh flagpole, that's genius !




but has the flag been replaced by a panty? I wonder who did that 🤣

It's definitely a Red *nods *



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See I told you the red ajah been posessed or something


Beside that way there is a flag above him since the whole contraption with chair and stuff likely will be hanging more down then blowing out like a flag. We do got some solid chairs in the warders with a bit of weigth too it


And surely the pole is made of cuendillar so it can hold anything..should be a nice view of the acctivieties up there for him

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2 hours ago, JamesBrown said:

Okay, I am going to count to three. . . 


If by the time I reach the count of three I am not untied . . .


Then I shall count to three a second time.

Yeah! Cause I need him! *grabs end of a tie and starts draging James towards Lava's room of glory* 

Cross posted the roll call, and I can't answer before I get my title (or a chopped off head whichever it is..) !!!!

Puh pah... either someone have been working out, or eaten one to many chocolate chip cookies..

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