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Approved WT Bio for Salandrian - CC


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DM Handle: Moseley

Character Name: Salandrian Faerhind

email: bennymoseleyballet@yahoo.com

Physical Appearence: Salandrian Faerhind has the traditional olive Ebou Dari skin and beautiful shoulder length curly brown hair. She is quite beautiful, with hazel eyes. At 5'10 ft, she is rather tall and is very slender. She has a slightly oval face, with a deep cleft in her chin, which makes her lips look more alluring.

Place of origin/raising: Ebou Dar/Ebou Dar

Age: 19

Character History: Salandrian Faerhind was born in Ebou Dar as the daughter of a ring maker and a Domani sailor. Her father, being a sailor, set sail only a few days after having conceived Salandrian. As such, she has no brothers or sisters. When her mother was pregnant, her mother moved in with her brother and sister. Salandrian grew up with her aunt and uncle and their four children. Salandrian's cousins were older than her and she was adopted in a way.


Knowing that her father was a foreigner sailor, Salandrian always wanted to travel and maybe find him. When she was 12 she tried to run away from her house and sneaked in a boat going to Arad Doman but she was discovered by her mother in time. Of course, Salandrian had no clue about who her father could be.


She had many friends during her youth. She grew up playing with who ever came to her aunt's inn, the Golden Swan. Salandrian began to work at the Golden Swan at age 15 and by chance she met a young man who taught her to read and to write. She began to study history, as well as reading books on politics, philosophy and herbs.


One day as she was talking to one of her friends in Mol Hara Square about how much she wanted to discover the world, she was noticed by a sister of the White Tower who felt that she had the ability to channel. The Aes Sedai immediately asked her if she wanted to come with her to the White Tower. At first she grew excited but as she was on her way to her house she changed her mind. She was scared to leave her family. After lots of talk with her mother, her aunt and her eldest cousin (who had always been in awe about all that was linked to the White Tower) she was determined to go.


So when a few days after she met again the Aes Sedai outside the palace, she answered she'd come. Salandrian ran to pack some of her dresses and her books. She wept when she said goodbye to her family. Her mother gave Salandrian her diary full of notes telling her how much she loved her. Salandrian promised to come back to see her family as soon as possible.

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