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I had a chance to speak with Rafe this weekend...

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That was pretty cool.  Hearing him talk about it made me feel a lot more relaxed that it is in capable hands and we'll get a/the series we want to watch!

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Really enjoyed the panel, Jen! Even without Rafe it was a good one to listen in on and appreciated getting the opportunity to this year (haven't been to Jcon since 2011, eek). I appreciated how much he was willing to talk about. And it's very clear that he is a fan, which I've appreciated since the start. Here's hoping for an amazing show!

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And it appears we have a confirmation on 8 episodes. Loved the panel Jen, tks for your contribution, really do think the show is in the right hands but you will still get 10-15% of book Fans hating it, no matter how they film it.

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