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"Bloody" definitely is British cursing, but it is so common it probably isn't considered to be a curse word anymore, I don't think it would cause offence to anyone anymore.


I've never heard the English use "Flaming" as a curse word, or seen it used in written form as such.  I've always felt it was purely Jordan finding a way to make his world unique.  Perhaps one of our British forum-goers may confirm.

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Yeah, "bloody" is a curse word, but is an acceptable form of language, but "flaming" is an English curse word, and is treated as such when spoken anywhere but America.


It is very rare to hear it spoken, it is almost an Old Tongue type of word now, because many words such as "flaming" now have new words that do the job much better, plus the type of equipment this curse word comes from is only seen in ceremonial circumstances, particularly since swords gave way to guns as soldiers tool of the profession, and blacksmiths are no longer one at all.


Only historians now explore these fields.


The equivalent when someone hits a thumb with a hammer while hitting a nail is still a widely used one. In the English speaking world the "bloody" curse word is almost always used, but there are plenty more that fill the gap if it hurts more for one person. It also goes well if that hurt person has a far wider knowledge of the English language.


It is hilarious when used in a sentence for example, and when a toe and quite a lot of hopping is involved.



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