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Well, obviously, he'd be a she, first of all, but I'm assuming you're asking if he would still a) kill that guy for getting a dragon tatoo, and b) be hung for it.


The Maiden's carry Rand's honour, so it seems more likely Mangin would thump the guy and drag him before Rand for judgment, rather than taking it upon herself. I won't speculate on what Rand's decision would be, that that seems the likely result.


However, the Pattern might dictate otherwise. If Mangin was a Maiden, then some other Aiel would probably be forced into filling the role that Mangin fills. This unnamed Aiel would be the one to befriend Rand, and later break Rand's decree by killing the man, thus resulting in his hanging. The hypothetical female Mangin would just be another girl pestering Rand and laughing behind his back with handtalk (i.e., just another Maiden).

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