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Ok Nerds....


Since we lost March Madness this year (NCAA Basketball Tournament) we will do a Tournament WoT style with Book Chapters!  Submit your favorite Chapters of Any Book.  Epilogues & Prologues are also Eligible!  The Top 32 Chapters will be put into a Bracket and then we will do a Tourney style vote to see which chapter is the Best of WoT!


If you agree w/ someone choice, just Quote them and that way we will not have someone rehashing someone's choice!

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Not sure of the chapters but I always enjoy the Mat, Rand, and Thom escaping, whitebridge, and their walk to Camelyn chapters in TEoTW. 

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I submit the following chapters:


- Lews Therin creates Dragonmount - "Dragonmount" (EotW prologue)
- Moiraine tells the story of Manetheran - "Tellings of the Wheel" (EotW chapter 9)

- Rand and Loial 'steal' back the Horn of Valere and the ruby dagger - "Beneath the Dagger" (tGH chapter 19)

- Mat blows the horn - "The Grave Is No Bar To My Call" (tGH chapter 47)

- Perrin awakened by wolves to the shadowspawn attack on the camp - "Shadows Sleeping"/"Nightmares Walking" (tDR chapters 4/5)

- Mat blows a hole in The Stone - "Into the Stone" (tDR chapter 54)

- Rand defeats all remaining shadowspawn in The Stone with one channeled weave - "The Stone Stands" (tSR chapter 10)

- Rand in the glass columns in Rhuidean - "The Road to the Spear"/"The Dedicated" (tSR chapters 25/26)

- Nyneave shields Moghedian - "Into The Palace" - (tSR chapter 54)

- Perrin, Faile and all of the 2 Rivers defeat the shadowspawn - "Goldeneyes" (tSR chapter 56)

- Mat dissecting the best plan of battle to Lan after a glance at the map - "Before the Arrow" (tFoH chapter 42)

- Mat coercing the Cairhienin and Tairens to follow him into battle - "This Place, This Day" (tFoH chapter 43)

- Moiraine sacrifices herself - "Choices" (tFoH chapter 52)

- Nyneave bests Moghedian again and forces her to lead them to where Rand fights Rahvin (tFoH chapter 55)


That's my list for books 1-5.  As time permits, I'll add more for the rest of the books if noone else mentions them.




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I second The Last Battle chapter, myself. To great of a chapter to ignore, really.


Dumai's Wells and The Tower Of Midnight Prologues and Epilogues that have the Kandori Towers are up there.

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