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Covid-19 Discussion

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there's so much news, so many updates going around these days concerning the corona virus. it can be daunting, and often we find ourselves wanting an outlet to vent, to talk seriously, share, and get as many facts as we can get. while the Tower is a place of refuge, we'd me remiss to address a topic that's affecting literally everyone. 


the discussion of the virus, it's spread, news of what's expected, a break down of area's quarantines and expectations, as well as a thread to simply discuss the pandemic, is what this place is for. 


if you have questions, ask them.

if you have answers, share them.

if you need to share what you're going through, feel free. 


this trio of threads (others linked below) are a resource to help us all get through every moment together. we're a tower, we're a family, let's serve all. 



Pandemic tips (how to survive, prep)

entertainment, and mental relief

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I love you guys, and I support you in trying to find a way to deal with all this, but I won't be participating. I need a place where I can come that isn't all about COVID-19. It's all anyone talks about now, and I'm going to use DM as my escape place. 

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ok so how many had the joy of trying the swab test yet?


just sudenly realised the notorious kindergarden or back to school autumn is coming soon, with all its joys of colds and flu's which share symptomes...gonna be a long couple years till they find a vaccine

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I will when they recommend it, I taken test twice already... despite being careful so yeah


I think vaccines will be available at different times at different places and for different groups, due to different standards in different countries and priorities among citizens based on amounts of doses available, especially in beginning.

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