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Alternative ending for Fain

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No one is really happy with Fains ending.


I think it would have been much cooler if Shaisam showed up on the battlefield while Bao the Wyld is winning.   Shaisam should just be randomly attacking and converting whoever is in its way.  

He would be doing the most damage to the Sharans,  Then the most powerful forsaken with one of the most powerful Sa’Angreal would have been forced to fight Shaisam and multiple converted Sharan channelers.  Of Course Demandred would win but how damaged would his forces be from the confrontation?


That could have been a much more epic ending for Fain/Mordeth/Shaisam.


(another way to end Fain would be to have some sort of battle between Machin Shin and Mashadar, where they annihilate each other. )

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