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I've been working on a project to set the poetry and songs of the Wheel of Time to music.  I have a number of pieces written and I can sing some of the parts, but I don't have anybody to play with.  Are there any musically inclined fans (especially in the Seattle area) who are interested in getting together to play some of these?


Let me know if you're interested and what you sing/play, and we can plan from there 🙂


Color of Trust (sample attached) - Voice/Guitar

Wind that Shakes the Willow       - Voice/Piano

Forward the Lion                            - Voice/Piano

As Long as the Wheel Turns         - Voice/Piano

Tia mi aven                                      - 6 voice round

Wash the Spears                             - 4 voice round

Life is a Dream                                - 3 voices

Soft the Winds                                - 3 voices


Color of Trust.mp3

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