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Approved Tar Valon Warder Bio for Calindra Hejaran - CC Required Please


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DM Handle: Calindra

Character Name: Calindra Hejaran

Character Count: (1/24)

Age (must be 16 - 21): 21 years old

Place of Origin:  Caemlyn, Andor


Physical AppearanceCalindra appears youthful and delicate; has dark brown eyes; full bodied lips; pale silky skin; a slender neck and delicate brows. Her raven tresses have been captured and braided into a ponytail that lands in the small of her back. Those wisps that remain uncaptured, wave gently in the breeze around her ears. She often wears plate armour and steel greaves to protect her torso and arms. In exchange for higher mobility and agility, she prefers wearing riding leather pants instead of wearing plate on her legs. (Bear in mind this will be after training in regards to the armour. Training equipment/armour is generally standard for everyone. ~Tay~)


Personality: Calindra is deeply spiritual and has espoused the belief that life is a never ending struggle between life and death, dark and bright. "Sometimes the Light must brave the darkness. Sometimes the Shadow wins." She is brave and idealistic, which often leads her to rush into a fight without thinking of the consequences. 



Character History


Hailing from a well established merchant family from Caemlyn, Calindra was schooled in the rudiments of business from a very young age, in the hopes that she'd take over the family business. She accompanied her father wherever trade brought him, and was busy seeing a lot of the mainland, its various peoples, traditions, and dialects as she learned how to conduct negotiations, how to value goods, and about the local economies and business mathematics.


As with any trade convoys, some of the voyages required mercenaries to protect the convoys. At first, the sword carrying men-in-armour didn't really interest her, unless they had horses. As she grew, however, it became more and more apparent that she was starting to enjoy watching them as they practiced sword handling. Not being one to stay on the sidelines, she decided to take up the sword and begged her father to let her join the mercenaries in their practices. He refused, claiming that a mercenary life wasn't good enough for his daughter, but he had seen the passion in her eyes and knew better than to assume that it had been the end of the discussion.


Unknown to her, her father purposely brought them to Tar Valon. He saw how his daughter watched the Warders as they practiced, and he knew that he'd held onto her for as long as he could. Still, he made sure she helped finish their trading business within the city. He eventually turned to their task master, "Get us ready to leave within the hour, will ya? My daughter and I have one last bit of business to do before we get going."


"If you're to espouse the blade, daughter, then you will learn from the best masters in the land," he had said when they finally reached one of the local smithies. "I will not stand in the way of your dreams, lass. I see how you look at them as they practice. Smith! No daughter of mine will handle a sword until I'm satisfied that she'll be protected." He turned to her, tears in his eyes, and held her in his arms. 


He paid the smith when he was done and accompanied her to the Tower gates. "I know you'll do yer ol' father and mother proud, love. I’ll visit when next I can."


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