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Ishamael - Moridin

Lanfear  -  Cyndane

Bethamel - Arangar

Aginor   -  Osangar

Fain  -    Mordeth

Egeanin - Lylwen

And there's probably a few I missed...


Should they avoid this and keep the same names throughout the show, or change some characters names at various points like in the books?


I think they should stay the same.



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My guess is Aginor and Balthamel will be killed once and stay dead. Ishamael will probably die and come back just to show he's different. Will Lanfear it will depend on what they decide to do with Finnland. Egenin probably will have her name and then change because that's what happens in Seanchan culture. Fain will depend on shadar Logoth and the other one I can think of Slayer will most likely be merged into one name


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Ishy-moridin is a central part of the plot.  


He is killed, but the Dark One refuses to let him die as punishment for his failture, and forces him to use the name Moridin as a way of mocking his desire to die.  

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