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favorite seasonal pieces

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So whats your favourite music pieces for the season?  yes pieces because i know it wont be songs for all 


Personally i am a huge fan of any of Pentaonix renditions of christmas songs its something about the sound they manage to make of them that just really builds the songs up and gets you in the spirit. While i didnt know it growing up, Mary did you know has since i heard it the first time fast become one of my favourite christmas songs, i really like the lyrics of that one. 


Then you of course got the more festive ones like Grandma got run over by a reindeer.


and yes when it comes to styles and such i am a bit all eating just depending on mood 

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Handel's "The Messiah".  I performed this piece every year for seven years, and it was a pile of fun every single time.  Oddly enough, I don't listen to it very often, but I will find any excuse to perform it.


I listen to every Mannheim Steamroller album every year as well as every Christmas-related Trans-Siberian Orchestra album (i.e. all of them except 'Beethoven's Last Night' and 'Night Castle').


After that... I'm done.  Except...


'O Holy Night'.  I studied voice, and this is easily the single most requested song that I have in my repertoire, and it is so satisfying to perform because you know in an instant that you have the audience.  I did this one for an informal event once with around 2500 non-attentive attendees, and four syllables in, I looked at the whole crowd and went, "Yup, you're mine.  Enjoy the ride."

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