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Cuen'deren field trip

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Hey Aman welcome!!!


Im Zander, Im the only sane person here!!!!


Only Zelda I played with Oceanira of Time or whatever it was called for N64..lawl


Researching Shameless on Netflix atm but some great shows ive watched in last while:


Swordart Online



7 Deadly Sins

The Boys


Just to name a few!!!

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Oohhh... Sword Art Online. I'm kinda obsessed. I start it and I -need- to watch all of it through. 😄


Good to see you around, Zander! You may have seen in Warder's but they did put me as point of contact for Me'areath & Ren'shai. (I'm sure @Elgee will have a spare moment to share publicly if I don't for her). 

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Riight.... Me'areath and Ren'shai. Yeesh. You and Lava are becoming interchangable in my head so when i read your titles.... *coughs*


*slowly backs out*

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ok ya'll its time to decorate for christmas...*heads up too the loft and starts throwing boxes down*


think thats all...no wait there is one over in the corner there, *lifts it* hey its empty *turns it around and discover a gigant hole made by mouse during the years*


ok whats this now, *sets down to read and stops* noooo not again...



Cuen Elves on the shelves, do not open!


they got out, ok well everyone stop the decoing, we better find these rascals before they turn the tower upside down



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Cuen april visit is up over in the yellows


Also who wants to talk about 🐠🐟

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