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Scritch scratch..uhoh where they gone today

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Lii goes up to the attick to find the holliday deco for the disc's lounge


bUt uh oh whats this one of the boxes are open 



And its empty..Liitha checks the discription, "carefull keep well closed, contains elves on the shelves"


Oh no where did the rascals go...


Can you find the elves on the shelves today? 


Also if anyone want to help out , PM me, or contact me in discord and you will be asigned an elf and a day ?


List of elves, bolded for active ones

1. Located by Lavandula in the Blue fantasy lounge

2.  Located by James in the Brown library

3.  Located by ____ in the ____

4.  Located by James in the ajah test tread in the public forum

5.  Located by Lily in the yellow halls

6.  Located by Lily in the grey ajah kitchen lounge

7.  Located by James in the graduation tread of Maera

8.  Located by Lily in the snow leopard lodge

9.  Located by Lily in the Grey

10. Located by ____ in the ____

11.  Located by ____ in the ____

12.  Located by Lily_ in the red

13.  Located by ____ in the ____

14.  Located by James_ in the ____

15.  Located by ____ in the ____

16.  Located by ____ in the ____

17.  Located by Lily in the yellows

18.  Located by ____ in the ____

19.  Located by ____ in the ____

20.  Located by ____ in the ____

21.  Located by ____ in the ____

22.  Located by ____ in the ____

23.  Located by ____ in the ____

24.  Located by ____ in the ____

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? one found but there more out there people and I suspect a new one will apear every day till christmas ?

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I found this rascal lurking about the Yellow halls.



16 hours ago, Liitha said:

@Tigara @Dahmir


hey who knows lolz, yellow here i guess fun time, its a bit mixy in my head though cause there so many members back in the day that was yellows both here and in RP and having a yellow in rp myself ...yeah all my memories of yellow other then dah is a bit mixed into eachother from the two sides so hard to extract what is this yellow and what was that ?
otherwise nice friendships - always someone to talk to and whatnot are things i can think about, but crossmemberships i am not completely sure if that bellongs here or elsewhere ? 


scitter scatter litle sounds in the dark like things being shufles around, are someone messing with the yellows newly put up decoration? 




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5 hours ago, JamesBrown said:

Here's a creepy one in the White Tower's Ajah Test.

tumbs up


now question tracker if i post one in chat would i be able to lure you in there too?

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Hope you guys had fun playing..lolz


Will consider bringing them back next year ?

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