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On 10/3/2019 at 11:42 AM, Jeannaisais said:

Haha, but I tend to remember all of my best times ? I'm quite good at holding these flaming shots. I have a stash of MG Brew Tea somewhere because when I was leader I was a bit against drinking......I've grown up since then and enjoy a glass of wine here and there (especially Sangria). 


Um, @Cairos we need to create a new drink - something about Sangria. It's the perfect blend of 'drink' with 'sweet' that it just has to be added to our overall drink repertoire! Don't we have a full drink list somewhere?


so sangria what else? what color should it have? or should it be layered? i read that in more modern version they add brandy or some other type of flavoured liquer is a fan of that.. but what would make the best option? dont drink brandy so often usually have whisky...oooh how bout smokey whiskey like black grouse?


inspirational pics


cocktail-3327242__340.jpg colorful-2558998__340.jpg



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well the blue could come from Hpnotiq


which is fruity


so if just layer it with whisky in botom, sangria thats transparent and then the french fruit liqeur on top you should get the colors




7139FerC0vL._SL1500_.jpg1200px-Hpnotiq.jpg 61KYj587fhL._SY445_.jpg


so @Jeannaisais wanna try the first one?


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Scoots behind bar, starts picking down the botles and lining them up on the bench. grabs a glass and a clean spoon, pops in a couple icecubes to the glass and unscrews the cork of every botle.


Pours the whisky a tird up the glass over the cubes, then twists the spoon around a couple times before  puting it backside up against the edge of the glass rigth over where the whisky is lined up too. Picks up the whitewine sangaria and slowly tilts the botle so get just a litle trickle hiting the spoon and slowly filling into the glass, moving the spoon upwards as go untill another tird is filled.


Puts down the wine, rinces off the spoon in the sink and dries it well, before grabing the HQ and slowly repeating the prosess untill the tird layer is filled.


Grabs an umbrella, kiwi, a glass of cherries and an orange.

Slices up kiwi, and removes the peel, puting the slice onto umbrella first, then fishes up a cherry and puts that on too. lastly slices up orange but leaves peel on this slice, puting umbrella through the peek into the slice, then makes a snitt in it with a knife and balances it on the glass edge.


puts down a fancy napkin infront of Jea on the counter, place the glass on the napkin and pops a straw into the drink.

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