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whats your mentor/mentee family tree take II

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ok stealing this idea from Dwyn and reposting the tread idea, for older members who want to cheat and look at the old tread its here



Now since i changed track i actually had three mentors here, because before you got assigned a mentor in the track you chose, i do not know if they had mentors themself or if so who they were, apart from salome due to the last mentor tread.

So i first joined got one mentor as novice, then disapeared, when i came back that mentor was no longer around so i got a second aes sedai as mentor, and then when i changed track i got the tird mentor

Grandmentor: William, ?, ?

Mentor: Salome (yellow), Demonauel (green) and Esteban (warders) 

Me: Liitha  

My Mentees: allan_mandragon, bcxanth, Cu'chulainn, Climhazzard,  Coravron, Dorsbane, Fox,  Jekar, Kaurick, Loranflame, Pe Ell, Shendare, Siredust, Starphoenix, Sword of the thousand lakes, Terrapin, Vanion, Winds of Time

Grandmentees: ?


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Oooh exiting!

Heres mine as far as I know it..would you look at that! Lava got blue blood (or maybe black...😏)?

Great- great grand mentor:  Kathana (former amirlyn)

Great- Grand mentor: Lasir Ca'Ras

Grand Mentor: Taeadra Culthane & Tynaal

Mentor: Arie? (yellow ajah)

Me: Lavandula 


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Hmm so having referred to that old thread mine goes like this:


Grandmentor - Lanfir (Green)

Mentors - as an Accepted ongoing, Lor (Brown? Green? one of the two.) and, originally as an Algai, Corki (Warders)

Me - Taymist

Mentees - Taluka_Sedai (this was when I was a White. I think she went inactive and when she returned was assigned to poetstorm instead because I was no longer active. She  may have had a name change too but not 100%), Tynaal Consen (Red), Jadira Paerael (I think she went Yellow), Maera (Aspie)


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14 hours ago, LilyElizabeth said:

I was assigned a Blue for a mentor (Polara, or something like that). She wasn't very active, and I was, so I asked my sister Minuet all my questions.


Poledra. :smile: Named after David Eddings' character from The Belgariad series. Pol was lovely but sadly, as you say, pretty inactive after about 2009 time. Her mentor was Dwynwen (White) so if you click the link Liitha shared, you'll find Dwyn's info/tree in the first post of that linked thread.


@Liitha Salome was a Yellow.

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GrandMentor: Raeyn Sedai (Brown)

Mentor: KellySedai (Green) (we didn't have compatible time zones, so her Warder, Demandred Valerius, Mentored me)

Me: Elgee (Red)

Mintees: LewsTherin (now something else) (Red), Brandie (Green - was Green Head), Dar'Jen Ab Owain (Green)


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I know I had quite a few mintees lol.


Mentor: Mendorah (Gray)

Me: Gray

Mintees: Idlecuriosity, leelou (Yellow),  adella (Blue), Charis sedai (Green), 

hegemonicretribution, Koujin, Lythnia Roylin, Shad, Siemba, Phaedra, Grachus

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Great-Great mentor: Kathana/JenL

Great-Mentor: Lasir Ca’Ras

Mentor:  Taeadra Culthane & Tynaal (2011+)



  • Lavandula
  • ATuckerMorin
  • Telcia Dyfelle (old/both)
  • Asjenia (Old/both)
  • Ara Galdring (Old/both)


(I'll have to figure it out. I had a number at one point, but then it's figuring which were Org and which were RP. )

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