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This months themed discussion is on Horror in Entertainment.

October starts off with Harvest Season, and it ends in my personal favorite holiday, Halloween.

Do you like the Horror Genre? Do you hate it?

What are your favorite Horror films? Video Games? Songs? Books? Tabletop Games? Etc? Which ones do you hate?
What makes you jump, your skin crawl, or squirm at the mere sight? What makes you recoil in fear?
What horror tropes are you tired of seeing? Which Tropes can't you get enough of?

What do you think about ultra-gore from series like Saw? 

What do you think about the Nudity that runs rampant in horror films?

What makes or break horror for you?



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not that into horror, but been to the rocky horror show that was fun ?

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My absolute favorite sub-genre of Horror is Horror comedy.


The Evil Dead series being the crème de la crème of horror comedy.


Chucky is great. The new ones are actually good. Except for whatever the fresh hell that unrelated reboot is about.


The Leprechaun is a great campy cult classic.


Tucker & Dale vs Evil is one of my all time favorites. It's like a reverse horror film.


The Shining. Absolutely love it. Masterpiece of horror.


The Babadook: refreshing horror that is deeper then purely a supernatural horror film.


I initially enjoyed the original SAW, only for the insanely good twist ending. But the gore and "twists" every movie there after, got old.


I still haven't finished the video game "Alien Isolation". Great jump scare video game.


When it comes to horror, in tired of the ultra gore "shock" genre that is common today.

Ultra gore, "shock value" isn't scary. It might be for some people, but its developed into a fetish for people. They even have a word for it in Japanese. (I'm not going to post the word, I don't want to be responsible for ruining your innocence)


Horror is about more than cheap jump scares. It's more then shocking people with extreme gore.


Horror is about fear. It's about tension and suspense. You cannot have characters you don't care about (Aka Every idiot in a Jason Movie), and feel fear at what might happen to them.


The Shining. We care about Danny and his Mom. We also care about his father, until he starts acting horrible towards everyone.

When Danny is getting chased, or he breaks through the bathroom door and proclaims "Here's Johnny!", You can't help but feel frightened for Danny's mother. The suspense and tension in that film is palpable.


Then there's guilty pleasure monster of the week horror films. Think Jason, or Kreuger. They aren't scary. Just Gorey. That follow horror movie rules.

People having sex, or getting naked die first. Drug users next. The last is always the Virgin. Unless the Virgin is a dude, then he dies 3rd. In the past, I've often said that these kinds of movies can be watchable or unwatchable, based solely on how much nudity they have. That isn't about sexualizing gore. (Which unfortunately exists)


Sometimes, the horror movie is so bad, so cheesy, so campy, the only redeeming scene on the whole film, is a random nonhorror romance scene.


Then you get movies that are so bad, there are no redeeming qualities at all. 

The worst film I have ever watched, that I'll never get that time back, is "Cheerleader Autopsy", back during the early days of Netflix. It's so horrible, I.. I don't even want to waste time describing it!




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5 hours ago, SinisterDeath said:

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is one of my all time favorites. It's like a reverse horror film.

 This ^^^ Couldn't stop laughing.  In my mind it cements Alan Tudyk as one of the best in the horror comedy genre.

I also loved Shaun of the Dead and to a lesser extent, Zombieland
Like @Illian Tear mentioned.  I'm going to watch Zombieland 2, but I'll wait for streaming... it's not something I'm willing to pay $12 to see in a theater.

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I got into the Horror genre through Cabin in the Woods, but the Babadook kept me there.


I recently watched The Witch and It Follows and both were pretty great.


Also Us and Get Out.  Us was definitely more jumpy but creepy and solid.  Get Out was just rad.


Any time I want that spinal hair raising creepy feeling I just watch that episode of Dr. Who with the Angels.  Don't Blink?

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The horror genre is one of my very favorite genres in books, tv, and movies. I especially enjoy supernatural horror stories as compared to horror that humans do towards humans. A scary ghost story will always give me the goosebumps and creep me out. 

My list of favorite scary ghost movies include; 

    The Grudge; The Conjuring; The Haunting; Thirteen Ghosts; Poltergeist;

     The Shining; Silent Hill; Insidious; The Conjuring 2; 1408; The Amityville Horror

On the FX Cable network, my wife and I thoroughly enjoy the seasons in which ghosts play a major role in that season's stories.

American Horror Story: Murder House, AHS: Hotel, and also AHS 1984 have all been very entertaining and they sometimes have plot twists that I don't see coming. 


Vampire and werewolf horror stories are also among my something I can really get into. Both in big screen movies as well as on TV, there have been a LOT of vampire and werewolf stuff I have always enjoyed. Vampire Diaries, and the The Originals were great with lots and lots of entertaining episodes.Personally speaking, I was entertained a lot more by "The Originals" than I was by "Vampire Diaries."

 I ain't much of a fan of the Twilight saga of movies. I would much rather watch the vampires and werewolves found in movies from the "Underworld" series.

Brahm Stroker's Dracula movie (1992) was an excellent adaptation of Stroker's novel. 

The first "Lost Boys" movie a couple of decades ago is truly a guilty pleasure for me. It is one of the better vampire movies out there in my book. 


With werewolves, I also liked The Howling series. Good, but not great werewolf films. 

I give a big thumbs up to An American Werewolf in London.

Dog Soldiers has very good special effects and lots of exciting action. 

Brotherhood of the Wolf has a different take than most werewolf movies, but I got to admit that my wife and I both give two thumbs up. 

Red Riding Hood (2011 film) was surprisingly good. Y'all ought to give that movie a try because I guarantee its better than what many critics have said about it on the internet. 

Blood & Chocolate was a film that was controversial for many people. However, when my wife and I watched that movie on dvd a few years ago, I found that the story was very interesting. That movie has good acting and it is definitely worth watching if you like werewolf movies. 


Any of the rest of y'all have the guilty pleasures of enjoying well made vampire, werewolf, or scary ghost movies?

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