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Name: Blitz
Weapon: War Horse of the Cavalry
Date of Acquisition: May 21, 2016

Rider:  Ahmyra al' Ruley





Blitz is a Palomino Tovero American Paint/Quarter Horse. He is a monster standing at 17.1 hands, weighing in at 2000lbs and is very well trained. He is kind of a clown and will run off with random pieces of clothing, armor or feed tubs. He seems to think that he is starving all. the. time. and demands sustenance at the most inopportune times. He is also a giant ass-hat and will randomly decide that the ground is a better place rider and will promptly and without warning deposit them there. For some unknown reason he thinks that Bunyan is the greatest pal since well... anyone... not sure why but yah know... there is no accounting for taste.


Please don't feed the fat bugger, no matter how pretty and sappy he looks at you....


Fun fact: Blitz was my RL horse for about 6 years. He is actually a registered American Paint with more Quarter horse on his papers than paint. He is registered as a tri-color Tovero Palomino. He is 10yrs old and is currently an 8yr old girls 4H horse.


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