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The White Chamber - Of Knightly Orders

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Here on these walls, are an accounting of the noble and chivilrous acts and deeds of the Arthurian Order of Knights of the Cavalry of the Band of the Red Hand

The Arthurian Order

Dignity, Honor, Respect.
The Arthurian Order, is based off of the Knights of legendary Camelot in a shinning age of Chivalry and Honor. The Arthurian Knights lived, and died by their Code of Chivalry, the Cannon of the Church, and the Laws of the King. They are an Order highly romanticized in stories and Legends.
In the days of Camelot, an Arthurian Knight would rather die than see an innocent injured, would suffer great injury and risk of life to rescue a maiden in distress. Greatest of all, was that all the knights were regarded as equals. They sat to council at a round table, where none was at it’s head or foot. Even the King was regarded as but first among equals.
It is this Order of knighthood which inspired Lord Horn, our founder, to give us the charge to “Protect the innocent and weak, and uphold the law and justice.”
The Code of Chivalry
1. Thou shall always defend the weaker members of the Band and Cavalry
2. Thou shall always do thy best to uphold the law
3. Thou shall always strive to better the Cavalry and the Band through acts of kindness towards the other, lesser Regiments, all Raw Recruits, and newer members of the Cavalry.
4. Thou shall always plan they pranks within the very letter of the law.
5. Thou shall always strive to civilize and enlighten the barbarian order
6. Thou shall always uphold the Unbreakable Laws
7. Thou shall always uphold the Chain of command from the highest to the lowest ranking members.

The Members of the Arthurian Knights

Sir Horn1*

Lady Elyssa

Lady Faile

Sir Froix

Sir Son of Battles

Sir Uasal Arach

Lady Bridmorgan1

Sir Horus the Silver

Lady Taluka

Lady Nocturne


1 Paladin

*No longer a member of the Cavalry, but retains his Knighthood and Paladin status due to exemplary service to the Band.

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Here is found the collection of the adventures and deeds of the Barbarians, the Sarmation Knights of the Cavalry of the Band of the Red Hand.


Veni Vidi Vici Bibo
(We came, We saw, We conqured, We drank)

The Sarmation Code.
-We shall always be in the front of battle.
-We shall always be the last out of battle.
-We shall always uphold the command structure.
-in the event of a prank or brawl the code shall be upheld to the extent that we shall not intentionally hurt or demean another band or dm member.
-We shall do our best to make ALL remember that we ARE the Pranksters.
-We shall always act upon our base instincts when battle and pranks are involved.

Our founding leader, the lady Razz, set down a legacy of fierceness and loyalty to the order for all who follow in her path to see. The Sarmations are always in the vanguard of every battle and often double as the rear guard if the battle turns against us as rarely happens. We follow our own sense of honor. Among our brethren courage and loyalty are held in the highest esteem. We are strong willed and often go on our own feelings of how things should be done without thinking them through. We are seldom seen at court as we as the true military strength of the band are often out in the field honing our skills as the last battle approaches.

We are the warriors. We will be front and center in any battle, leading the charge and defending the withdrawal. We aren't a Chivalrous Order of Knights, and we follow our own sense of honor. Highly individual we respect courage in the face of danger and loyalty above all other traits. We prefer to think for ourselves and not follow others, even though we often act without thinking, as is our way. Due to our focus on combat rather than court skills we usually shun leadership roles, unless our particular skills are needed. We are the fiercest of knights, we'll out drink, out fight, and out prank any other group of the Cavalry.

Our head of order is a mere title, only the first of equals, we bow to no Lesser Force. We respect the Knight among us chosen to be giving this title, as they are chosen by being the fiercest and bravest fight and the most cunning of tacticians. They way that this is chosen is the simplest way. If you have lived longer than any others, then you are qualified.

We incorporate the pages and squires into our order by showing them the two primary jobs of the Sarmation order: pranking and brawling. We work the pages and squires into pranks and teach them to plan and set up their own pranks by guiding them with our vast knowledge on the subject. We also host frequent brawls with the Squires in our private Caves. We do this to cut down on other Sect’s property damage, as well as avoid embarrassment to the Squires, as they are not yet fully learned in their abilities. Once a Squire has achieved the necessary training and skills, we will unleash them amongst the band to do their Sect proud.

We are proud to ride with our brothers and sisters of the calvary. Under the leadership of the captain general. As our Founder, the Lady Razz has charged us, always you will protect the Band, the weak and the undefended. Fight the dark and all that is unholy in this world.


The Members of the Sarmation Order

Lady Razz

Sir Goldeneyes

Sir Steel Axe

Lady Katiora

Sir Direwolf Jon1

**Sir Dicetosser**

Lady Stefania

Lady Mayleigh1

Sir Cairos1 (Always will be a Sarm)

Lady Tiren Somira

**Current Leader**


1 Paladin

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Here is found the history and the deeds of the members of the Knights Templar of the Cavalry of the Band of the Red Hand.


A Templar Knight is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armor of faith, just as his body is protected by the armor of steel. He is thus doubly-armed fearing neither demons or men.

Many people ask, what exactly is a Templar? Well this is what a Templar is and what it means to be one.

The Templars started out as a group of Knights who had banded together to defend the pilgrims to the Holy Lands against those who would prey on them. They had seen much terror and war and death, and they decided to do something about it. They gathered together over time, quite a stringent following and had them seperated into groups.

There was the Hospitaller, who helped in the care and treatment of others. They also pushed to make sure that the injured, ill or hurt are taken care of no matter what. There is also the Iberian part of the Templars. These were some of the most battle tested Knights. Usually leaders of the companies who led on the crusdades and who also taught sword fighting skills to the squires. They were well versed in using a horse to fight and also the making of armor and weaponry.

The last group of Knights to make up the Templars were called Crusaders. They were the ones who were truly diligent about seeking knowledge and clarification. They also helped to develop the first monetary system used and banking notes. So you could place money at one location and have a draft to get money from another location. They also pushed to know astronomy and to understand nature.

The historical Templars are tied to the crusades, and known primarily for seeking the holy grail. However they were a powerful military force, as among other things they were entrusted with transporting valuables to the Holy Lands and had at their height, a fleet of ships to help accomplish that task. They were the most feared of the Crusades Knights by their enemy as they never surrendered  and were always the first into the fighting and the last to leave the field, never leaving a brother to their enemy.

Our Templar sect of the Cavalry, does have some of these attributes, but is also more varied. We hold strict to the code of honor and humanity. We believe strongly in defending the weak, helping the less fortunate and seeking knowledge. At our core we are a supremely disciplined  fighting force, strong in the making of weaponry and armor. We have some of the best swordmakers in the Band, some of whom, will seek us out for swords. Unlike the historical Templars we are not the dour monks off the battlefield, but known for cheering up places we inhabit and keeping things lively.

 We develop our squires through a difficult process and make sure they understand fully the mantle of Knighthood. There is a code we live by, but unless you are a Templar, it is not revealed to you. As Templars we are fanatics when it comes to fighting the Shadow. We are the eyes, ears and voice of The Band, communicating orders, positioning forces, seeking out and revealing the enemy's positions and striking their heart when, where and however needed. We leave none of our Brothers or Sisters of The Band of The Red Hand to our Enemy, at the cost of our souls if need be.  We are also teachers, mentors and most important of all, we are Knights Templar, duty bound to protect the weak, injured and downtrodden.

On the day of our Orders rising our founder, Sir Witch King, was given this charge.
"Go forth, speaking the word of the band and rid this place of the Shadow."

We speak to whomever will listen of the Deeds of the Band of the Red Hand. That we are there, wherever people in need cry out. We await with joy and anticipation, the day of reckoning for the Shadow upon this world.

We are the Knights Templar...We are the Riders of the Storm...We are the Band of The Red Hand


The Members of the Knight's Templar


Sir Witchking

Lord Rayden

Sir Darkstar

Lady Twinnieflower

Sire Auld Manriva1

Lady Angyl


1 Paladin

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