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White Tower Class Requirements

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Attention all White Tower Aspirants.


Here are the Aspirant Requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to progress through the White Tower. Your Mentor will assign these requirements to them step-by-step in their private Class thread until you are satisfied they are fulfilled.


The first requirement is for the Aspirant to read the 'WT/Warders 101' thread and reply that they have Read & Understood the rules.


Once done, a Mentor will be assigned to the Aspirant. This person will guide him or her in training, be available to answer questions and provide feedback.


Next, a class thread will be created especially for the Aspirant that will be private to only to him or her and the Mentor.


Finally, in the class thread the Aspirant will need to answer the following questions. The Mentor will assign them one group of questions at a time, not overwhelming them with too much at once.



Part One: The White Tower


1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do?
2)What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you?
3)What in the heck does PG13 mean?
4)What is Thread-Hijacking and Spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?


Part Two: The Subgroups

So what we normally recommend is that you start a post in your class thread and go back and edit it over time, and that the format is as follows:

--[Who is in charge]
--[general focus if there is one]
--[link to relevant post #1]
--[link to relevant post #2]

Rinse and repeat for at least five of the eight Ajahs and Warders Guild.


* We also ask that for the Guild, you go into the focus of each Discipline. The who, spam, and posts can be for the Guild as a whole.


* This part should take the longest as it is the most "work heavy". Therefore if they want to do it in parts or whatever that's fine -as long as all the information is there.


However, we want to stress that this section is the most important, as well. The intention is for you to learn about each Ajah, not just quickly jump in, say Hello, and bow out. In the past, some new members had decided which group they wished to join, and so they raced through the others as a mere formality. This is especially true for those that think the Ajah here at DragonMount is identical in scope and role as the Ajah described in the books. That is not the case, and we want to make sure you understand that, too. Otherwise, you might become frustrated that the group isn't to your liking after all, which only causes disappointment and disruption.

Part Three: Keeping Up

1) Do you have any questions?
2) Do you have any suggestions on how to tweak this class in the future?

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