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Festival of light and dark: round 1b fight 3 - Steel Inquisitor vs Nazgul

Illian Tear

Steel Inquisitor vs Nazgul   

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    • Steel Inquisitor
    • Nazgul

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The Steel Inquisitor stood in a seemingly empty arena, spiked body standing still. But there was something there unseen to normal eyes. The Nazgul stood invisible in front of the Inquisitor.

           The Inquisitor couldn't see the Nazgul with his spiked eyes, but he could see the blue lines to the iron/steel of the Nazgul's helmet. He then flared iron and the armor of the Nazgul was pulled toward the Inquisitor. The Nazgul being pulled toward the Inquisitor drew its sword ready to strike when close enough.

            The Inquisitor saw the blue lines of the sword and burned steel, pushed on the sword, sending it flying out of the grip of the Nazgul. A sword appeared as if out of thin air. Then the Inquisitor pulled on the sword and caught it with his hand. He swung at the Nazgul and hit, but the Nazgul didn't seem fazed by it. It then grabbed the sword and jerked the Inquisitor off its feet. It then grabbed and swung at the Inquisitor, hitting him in the neck. The Inquisitor fell to the ground, its head removed from its body.


Expected winner: Nazgul

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