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Festival of Light and Dark: round 1b fight 2 - Moash vs Padin Fain

Illian Tear

Moash vs Padin Fain  

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  1. 1. Who would win?

    • Moash
    • Padin Fain

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Padin Fain stood in the arena waiting for his foe to show up. A figure appeared in the sky above the arena. The man landed and turned around with a massive silvery looking sword. 

         Moash faced his opponent, honorblade glistening in the light. He lashed himself into the air hoping he could end this quickly. He then lashed himself down to strike his opponent, when Fain quickly stepped out of the way and cut him in the side. Moash didn't seem to care, thinking that stormlight would heal the wound. He tried the maneuver again and the same thing happened. Over and over again this happened until Moash had to land for good because he had expended his stormlight.

           A faint fog started to rise from the ground and enveloped both fighters. When the fog cleared Moash lay dead on the ground and Fain seemed pleased with the results.


Expected winner: Padin Fain

Also: #f**kMoash.

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