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LoA Thread (Read the instructions and don't spam!)

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This is the official leave of absence (LOA) thread.

Please post here when you are about to start your LOA and when you return from your LOA.


I will update the first page of this thread as we go so it's easier to keep track of who is on LOA. If you are on the list but shouldn't be, post here and I'll update the list. 
Please note that unless you are staff I will only add you to the list if your LOA is longer than two weeks or if it is indefinite (you don't know when you'll return). LOLAs (leaves of limited access/leaves of less activity) will not be recorded, unless you are staff. 


Guidelines for posting in this thread

  • If you are staff*, please post a LOA if you will be gone for more than 4 days.
  • If you are NOT staff, please post a LOA only if you are going to be gone 2 weeks or longer.
  • Please only post in this thread if you are about to start a LOA and when you return from a LOA. (In other words, no spam.)
  • Unless you are staff, do NOT post in this thread if you are just going to be away for a few days or a weekend, less than two weeks, or just reducing your activity level (LOLA).
  • When posting your LOA, indicate if you are staff and what your staff position is.
  • LOA means "leave of absence" and means that you will not be here at all.
  • LOLA means "leave of limited access" and means that you won't be here much. Only relevant for staff members.
  • Anyone who wants a LOA thread of their own to give further explanations or to have people post comments can post more within the Hall, their Ajahs, Disciplines, or Aspirants' Quarters.

* The Amyrlin Seat, the Keeper, the Sword Captain, the Mistress of Novices, the Master at Arms, MoDD, Ajah Heads, Discipline Leaders, Sitters, and Sword LTs are all considered to be Staff.
Current Staff LOAs



Current Member LOAs


Daruya: LoLa -  Hurricane damage

Hrafnhildr (Chaelca): LoA - November 2018 - indefinite


Old Member LOAs


Ahmyra al'Ruley: LoLa

Andrej: indefinite (military)  

Calypsa: indefinite

Cyan: indefinite

Hillfood: indefinite (military)

Izabella: Indefinite

Leelou: indefinite

lolguy26: LOA until ~ January 23 

MashinShin al Mashiara: indefinite

Matrim Hat-rim: till he finishes school

Mendorah: indefinite
Misheru: LoLA
mmeeshal: indefinite

Pookie: indefinite
Sakaea: indefinite

Saphira Silvermoon: indefinite; Will be on LOA until sometime in July 2016
Seryanne: indefinite  
Taluka: indefinite

Tiren: indefinite (computer problems)

volke: indefinite

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LoLA - viral infection. Landed in hospital yesterday. Out but weak as a kitten.

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LOA until Wednesday. Moved house and that's when I get internet back!


Edit. Might be a little longer, having trouble with our internet installation *rolls eyes*

Edited by blank

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NaNo is hitting, and general mental health, so while I'm available on Discord I may be less observant on the forums for the next month. ❤️

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