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Smoke billowed into the sky as a wonderful smell of cooking flesh, both trolloc and hoo-mahn, permeated the air.  Pink rippled across a body as a breeze blew through feathers.  Once some thought the color shameful, but now all beings in the blight feared it.  Dreadlords, Myrdraal, Trollocs, dark friends… they all shuddered at the mention of his name…. Nargbert.  The coming of the pink feathered trolloc meant death.  The Chosen…. Well, those foolish hoo-mahns rarely looked at Nargbert twice, other in disgust.  However soon, Nargbert would join the ranks of the chosen.  How could he not, he greatest trolloc ever!  Many spoke of his ferocity, his good looks, his never being defeated in battle…


Until today….


Nargbert had taken a fist out to raid in Kandor.  He enjoyed escaping the Overlord life, coming out on small raids.  He knew a group of Hoo-mahns and those tasty horse creatures had been trying to catch him for a day now, but no horse could keep up with a trolloc who was hungry, and Nargbert made sure this fist was hungry.  He devised a grand plan, raid this small town, capture some food, wheel away, return to the blight.  There was nothing those silly Hoo-mahns could do to catch him.  However, Narg hated suprises and left Dork’un and his claw as a rear guard.  He was offered a greater piece of the food prize for having to stay out of the fighting.  However, Dork’un and claw could not help themselves.  Frenzy they called it… hungry they called it.  Nargbert called it stupid.  So while Nargbert’s glorious Fist in town collecting its spoils, no one was there to warn him that somehow the four legged freaks and their hoo-mahns had caught him.  Nargbert quickly found out when his Fist was struck from behind. 


It was Chaos.  Nargbert in a house, hoo-mahns already have a cookpot boiling for him.  He was enjoying sampling some of the food they would be taking with them.  Nothing like gnawing on fresh leg to make Nargbert so happy.  Then the screeching.  The yelling of trollocs.  Then the running.  Nargbert quickly knew he could not control the fist and quickly retreated with them.  Many hoo-mahns stayed behind to protect Narg’s food, but some rode out to finish Narg and his trolloc warriors off.  They quickly learned a fleeing trolloc still could bite. 


So Narg stood on a hill, surrounded by trees fighting the blight, and felt bad for himself.  He watched the smoke burn, thinking of how he would turn this into a victory by explaining that he took the weakest trollocs out to be culled.  The trollocs behind him had a small fire going, cooking what few spoils they were able to capture for the day.  He wanted to backhand them, to fling poo at them, but…. The desire just wasn’t there. 


So Narg closed his eyes… breathed.  He must still get this shattered first home.  He took a deep breath and meant to turn to his troops…. But he caught a scent.  One he hadn’t smelled in years.  One he hoped never to smell again… but it was there.  She had found him… and in all places on a raid… Narg muttered under his breath…


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The great Shaman called Saar'Eve watched the going-ons from a hill up above, kneeling behind a thorn bush. She knew that stench all too well as the breeze swept across her magnificent goddess-like face. That specific revolting bird feces aroma that anyone with a snout could smell from leagues away. He was down there somewhere. If it wasn't for her sensing him, she could have guessed he had his hand in it, seeing as the so called attack was a complete failure. It seemed like a tough spot to be in. He could very well be injured. Or dead. 


She shrugged to herself. "Oh well."


She leaned forward ever so slightly to get a better look and sneered as she got pricked by the bush. A drop of blood escaped her now less than flawless skin. Her eyes narrowed as she ripped the poor bush a new one with her double edged ax. The bush was clearly in cahoots with the flies. A plan meant to catch her with her guard down. It's a good thing she was just spying and not defecating, otherwise things might not have ended in her favor. "Effort good, flies. But Saar'Eve smarter."


Her face split into a smile as she saw a lot of torches afar. It amused her when those mere mortals thought that getting huddled together and holding fire would make much of a difference. If anything it made it easier to find them. Made it easier to surround them. And then it usually led to play time with innards and the tedious task of deboning for fine dinning culinary purposes. She felt fine while eating the easy hoo-mahns, but afterwards she'd always feel cheap. 


She spun around as the breeze carried in fresher scents. She stared into the darkness for a while until a form slowly appeared. She didn't have to wait for him to be fully visible to speak. "You take name of Trolloc and drag through Jumara secretion." Saar'eve flourished her pristine black robe as she eyed him closely. She wondered if his sudden reappearance in her life was connected to the plot against her. He might be a double agent. One could never be sure. "Trust no one". That's what she told her progeny before she ate them.


"What you do here, Narg? help hoo-mahn kill us? They no need help. You go blight and dig poo holes. You good be that. Leave death for Shamans. No shame in poo work."

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"What you do here, Narg? help hoo-mahn kill us? They no need help. You go blight and dig poo holes. You good be that. Leave death for Shamans. No shame in poo work."


Nargs trollocs gasped at the words from the less than intimidating shaman.  Would their leader take such abuse? How could a trolloc hold their head high after such insults?!?


"You looking for poo hole digger then you must talk to Nognahoj or Pumonca... you throw enough of their poo to know they best poo hole diggers in blight! Narg barely know how to dig hole!".... wait... was that good thing?


Nargbert sniffed the air.... he smelled saar'eve... but there was fresher scent on air... Nargs tongue came out... tasted it... chewed it.. rolled it around in his beak like a good loogie... was that?... "You let your trollocs bathe?!? How can shaman accept such heresy! And this after exploding blight worm trick you pull on Rahvin! And being mother of.... that one!" Narg shuddered at the thought.... how had saar'eve trick nargbert? Nargy thought he just satisfying self with tree, suddenly tree turn and Narg see it was Saar'eve... then child was evil... almost... clean...


"As overlord of all trollocs... that fight good and only eat boogers, not fling them.... Nargbert arrest you and sentence you to trial by .....vicious mockery!"


Nargs fist...  or claw... or the only five still alive cheered at the prospect.  Those with the shaman... not so much... Suddenly Narg burped... it really wet... and taste like toe... narg did enjoy eating something twice!

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